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Authenticity & Intimacy

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To know and be known To love and be loved To connect and be free - those are the joys of authentic, mutually-nourishing relationships. Come to this two-session workshop with someone you love - a life partner or good friend. Learn Realization .... [ Find Out More ]

Thursday Satsangs: Being Together in Truth

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  Come to Satsang any Thursday evening - and open into the vast, unbounded consciousness that's our essential nature. After introductions, I'll lead gentle, precise Realization Process meditations and subtle Qigong practices that help us .... [ Find Out More ]

Radical Aliveness

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Discover the beauty of your essential self - moving and living according to your own internal rhythms - midst blooming dogwoods, plums, and redbuds in my backyard. Learn gentle, precise Realization Process meditations and subtle qigong practices to .... [ Find Out More ]


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Realization Process: Awakening to and Embodying Spiritual Essence ... Come join me at Esalen October 2-4, 2015. Experience the wide-awake aliveness of the dramatic Big Sur coast. Unwind in Esalen's natural mineral hot springs. Listen to the .... [ Find Out More ]

Free Session: The Awakening Impulse

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The awakening impulse originates from our seeking to be free - to experience openness, stillness, and peace. You're warmly invited to come meditate with me. As Adyashanti writes, "Seek the source of the yearning itself." Gentle, precise .... [ Find Out More ]

2014 Tuesday Satsangs: Open into Stillness

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Learn gentle, precise body-centered meditations that open you into stillness midst the stresses of a busy life. Meeting with an open-hearted group is a wonderful way to practice Realization Process meditations – and also a great place to talk .... [ Find Out More ]

2014 Give the Gift of Presence

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"The most precious gift you can give to the one you love is your true presence." Join a small group Friday mornings to cultivate your capacity to be present - to yourself, to those you love, and to life. Realization Process and Qigong practices .... [ Find Out More ]

Winter Classes: ABIDING

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Come meditate with me and awaken to the natural openness called "the infinite dimension of space" by Longchen Rabjam, 14th century Tibetan Buddhist master. Be supported through myriad subtleties of opening, softening, and deepening. With patience and .... [ Find Out More ]

Cultivate Inner Harmony

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Still your mind. Open your heart.  Build your house on solid ground. When giving, be kind. When speaking, be truthful. When working, be one-pointed. When acting, remember – timing is everything.                                         .... [ Find Out More ]