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Realization Process: Awakening to and Embodying Spiritual Essence ... Come join me at Esalen October 2-4, 2015. Experience the wide-awake aliveness of the dramatic Big Sur coast. Unwind in Esalen's natural mineral hot springs. Listen to the .... [ Find Out More ]

A Wondrous Felt-Sense of Aliveness

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  Open into a wondrous felt-sense of aliveness. Deepen into stillness and inner peace. Connect with your true self. Be supported by others who share similar interests. After introductions, I'll lead gentle, precise, body-centered .... [ Find Out More ]

Living Our Truth

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You’re warmly invited to join this circle of women and tap into our body’s intuitive, healing wisdom. When we make deep contact with our self, we open to the direct experience of stillness – the truth of our existence. Realizing this truth in our .... [ Find Out More ]

Deepening “Being” in Unity Consciousness

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What would happen if … experienced meditators settled deeply into “Being” and committed to practicing Realization Process meditations together for eight weeks? Anyone wishes to participate in this second 'shared inquiry' group is invited to send .... [ Find Out More ]

Being in Unity Consciousness (full)

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 What would happen if ...a group of experienced meditators settled deeply into "Being" and committed to practicing Realization Process meditations together for nine weeks? The intention: Awaken, stabilize, and deepen into a sense of unity .... [ Find Out More ]

The Truth of Existence (Extended)

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Let your being unfold. Let it be free. Directly experience yourself as stillness - as emptiness, luminosity, and bliss. This is the truth of existence. Explore how to disentangle the imprints of the past that diminish you, your experience of .... [ Find Out More ]

Singing Bowls & Realization Process

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Bowls 7.4.15

Let the sacred vibrations of Michele Kasper's crystal bowls echo around and inside you. Midst the pure tones and spiraling energy emanating from her beautiful quartz crystal bowls, I'll weave in Realization Process meditations that guide you into .... [ Find Out More ]

Qigong and Realization Process

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A rare opportunity to learn qigong practices with Taoist master Joe Hing Kwok. For the past twenty-three years, I've studied with him. In this workshop, he and I will teach ancient qigong practices, such as eight sections silk, longevitiy qigong, .... [ Find Out More ]

Authenticity & Intimacy

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To know and be known To love and be loved To connect and be free - those are the joys of authentic, mutually-nourishing relationships. Come to this one-day workshop with someone you care about - a good friend or a life partner. Learn Realization .... [ Find Out More ]