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Give the Gift of Presence

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"The most precious gift you can give to the one you love is your true presence." Join a small group Friday mornings to cultivate your capacity to be present - to yourself, to those you love, and to life. Realization Process and Qigong practices .... [ Find Out More ]

Autumn Satsangs: Open into Stillness

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Learn gentle, precise body-centered meditations that help you lead a more authentic life. Meeting with an open-hearted group is a wonderful way to practice Realization Process meditations – and also a great place to talk about spiritual .... [ Find Out More ]

Cultivate Inner Harmony

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Still your mind. Open your heart.  Build your house on solid ground. When giving, be kind. When speaking, be truthful. When working, be one-pointed. When acting, remember – timing is everything.                                         .... [ Find Out More ]

Awaken to Your Spiritual Essence

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Spiritual traditions point to the essence of our being as infinite, radiant, empty awareness. Realization Process practices offer a subtle, precise approach to opening our bodies, minds, and hearts to this consciousness — the transparent, luminous .... [ Find Out More ]


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Realization Process: Awakening to and Embodying Spiritual Essence ... Come join me at Esalen in 2015  - dates yet to be announced. Experience the wide-awake aliveness of the dramatic Big Sur coast. Unwind in Esalen's natural mineral hot springs. .... [ Find Out More ]