It's your birthright to live joyously!


Come home.
Open into a wondrous
felt-sense of aliveness. Deepen into the direct
experience of stillness.

Awaken to and embody your spiritual essence. Realize your essential nature as vast, clear, unbounded luminous space.

As pointed to in many wisdom traditions, it's your birthright to live joyously!

I offer a body-centered approach to deepening meditation, healing emotionally, and awakening spiritually, with personal guidance to help you:

  • Experience your wholeness and your oneness with others.
  • Relate authentically - with openness, honesty, and depth.
  • Embody your true nature in your kind eyes, open heart, vibrant voice, and sensuous touch.

Formidable circumstances in life opened me to deep levels of healing and consciousness. A long-time practitioner of Qigong and the Realization Process, I am committed to being a healing presence in this world.

Come home to the truth of who you are. Experience the joy of your aliveness - and the movement of life in its present and actual depth.

Roma is a breath of fresh air. She lives what she teaches and her Presence is palpable. A gifted experiential teacher, I recommend her completely to all who seek the truth of who they are.

Anne Hillman, author, Awakening the Energies of Love, The Dancing Animal Woman. Learn more about others' experiences meditating with Roma...