The realized self is like a lotus in full blossom. Floating on the waters, the flower is rooted deep down below the water in the mud. It has grown and blossomed in the light of the sun.


It's your
to live

I'm Roma Hammel, a nondual embodiment meditation teacher, guiding people into an embodied direct experience of reality. A long-time practitioner of Qigong and the Realization Process, I invite you on an inner journey into stable realization of vast, luminous space:

Experience direct awakening

  • Vitalizing the breath evokes a wondrous aliveness
  • Inhabiting the whole body elicits a peaceful, pleasurable ease
  • Opening the flow of energy centers unveils the immediacy, vibrancy, and sensuality of your true nature
  • Unwinding limiting somatic patterns releases a well-spring of creativity

As your whole being awakens, you may feel as if you're blossoming. You feel nourished by warm, tender sensations. You uncover an existential well-being.

As your contact with yourself deepens, you experience a felt-sense of wholeness - and a oneness with others - without losing contact with yourself. You have the capacity for authentic, intimate, mutually-nourishing relationships.

Let go of needless suffering

Learn practical techniques for conscious breathing and for strengthening and balancing the flow of internal energies needed for calm mental and emotional states. Receive gentle guidance in releasing somatically-bound psychological patterns and in disentangling from overwhelming emotions, challenging sensations, and intense energies.

You can change the way you experience the world - and the way you make sense of your experiences. With practice and patience, even deep structures of your consciousness can be transformed. The dissociation of mind from body, of awareness from experience, is the result of habit, and these habits can changed. You can perceive reality profoundly differently.

Realize profound levels of healing and consciousness

I know, from personal experience, that we can uncover depths of our self that have never been injured. This journey is not about feeling good or being good or becoming perfect. This journey is about opening your whole body into the clear light of unified consciousness, integrating shadows from the unconsciousness into the textures of your personality, and allowing the power of Being to express itself freely.

Embody your true self

We can open to a nondual, subtle, unified aspect of consciousness throughout our whole body and environment, affirming both our uniqueness and our relationship with other life.

To stabilize your embodiment of this vast luminous space, cultivate subtlety and depth. Refine the breath and the senses. Let go of your grip on your self not from the surface but from your innermost core. Being feels substantive, yet light and buoyant. It's your birthright to live life in its presence and actual depth.

Roma is a breath of fresh air. She lives what she teaches and her Presence is palpable. A gifted experiential teacher, I recommend her completely to all who seek the truth of who they are.