"Roma is an extraordinary, compassionate, and perceptive Realization Process teacher."

- Judith Blackstone


Experience an Embodied Awakening

Whether you seek to awaken into a wondrous aliveness or to deepen into a vast luminous spaciousness, you have come to the right place. I'm Roma Hammel, a nondual embodiment meditation teacher. Challenging life circumstances led me to deep healing and shifts in consciousness. A long-time practitioner of Qigong and the Realization Process, I teach a direct path to embodied spiritual awakening.

Awaken to your true nature

  • Vitalizing the breath awakens our whole being
  • Inhabiting the whole body uncovers richly-textured qualities
  • Opening the energy centers unveils subtle, luminous dimensions
  • Unwinding from deep challenging life patterns transforms how we live

Let go of needless suffering

We can uncover depths of our self that have never been injured. I know, from personal experience, our humanness is permeated by our essential nature. Attuning to awareness, emotion, and sensation opens our whole body to a very fine, unified transparency permeating us and the environment.

Learn practical techniques for conscious breathing. Practice strengthening and balancing the flow of internal energies needed for calm mental and emotional states. Receive gentle guidance in releasing somatically-bound psychological patterns and in disentangling from overwhelming emotions, challenging sensations, and intense energies. I offer support so that you may realize profound levels of healing and consciousness.

Embody your true self

Although some believe that the direct experience of awakening points to a non-conceptual awareness, we can awaken to and embody a luminous, self-aware, non-conceptual empathic field pervading us and everything around us. The clear space of emptiness is indivisible from the tenderness of luminosity.

I consider Roma to be one of the main Realization Process teachers that I have certified and she has many years bringing this method to hundreds of people. Along with a deep understanding of the principles and practices of the Realization Process, she brings to the work the finely attuned spiritual sensitivity, psychological insight, and warm loving presence gained from her own awakening. I highly recommend her. - Judith Blackstone