“Roma is an extraordinary Realization Process teacher. Compassionate and perceptive, she brings to her work the finely attuned spiritual sensitivity, psychological insight and warm loving presence gained from her own awakening.”
Judith Blackstone, Realization Process founder

Awaken into a Joyous, Creative, Sensuous, and Liberated Life


At some point a fierce inner drive arises, not just to survive – but to be free.

I’m Roma Hammel.  As a nondual embodiment meditation teacher, I share powerful practices for feeling vibrantly alive, substantive and secure, and at home in our own body, intimately connected with and sourced by the radiant ground of our being.

I teach the path I have been traveling. A physician taught me to access luminous healing states of consciousness after a rare but catastrophic spinal injury. A Taoist taught me to apprehend sacred spaces where Being flourishes after a divorce broke me open. Gently and precisely, Judith Blackstone taught me to heal from the core. 


Awake, our body luminous and self-aware, our mind wild and fierce
Our original nature manifests in our sparkling eyes, vibrant voice, and sensuous touch

Spontaneously present, infinitely spacious, fundamental consciousness is wholly mysterious and wondrous. As we deepen contact with the internal space of our body, release chronic holding patterns, refine our breath, and unbind our senses, we open into a wondrous aliveness – a felt-sense of our own existence. In the Realization Process, we call this Presence – Self – Being. We can sense this very subtle vibrancy in ourselves, in others, and in nature. Human, mortal, imperfect, we feel vibrantly alive, awake and responsive to our environment.

As our contact with the internal space of our body deepens, we open into a mysterious shimmering, pulsing, stillness. Transparent, timeless, changeless, we feel like an empty vessel, through which life flows. This is Emptiness.

Encompassing the depth, intensity, and free flow of emotions, cognitions, physical sensations, and perceptions with grace and ease, we experience oneness with others without being entangled or losing contact with our self. Realizing the immediacy, spontaneity, and indestructibility of life as our true nature, we inhabit life wholly and fully.

With deep gratitude to Judith Blackstone and to Joe Hing Kwok Chu 

In Their Own Words

 “I mistook Diane for Me, and for the first time am trusting that there is more. Much more. I need to explore the unknown, to trust and let go of the old certainties and stories that bound me.”
Diane Staves, retired physician

“Every cell in my body is being lit up by joy. My body calibrates to the light in your being. You are the mirror I never had to help me connect to myself. I see you as a teacher of the language of the soul.”

- Louise Bielenstein, Coordinator, Stockholm City

“I can’t even imagine finding anyone else that I would trust to teach me these kinds of practices. My family no longer triggers me. Love and safety live in my body.”

– Forrest Bennett, Computer Scientist

“You are the only person I named teacher. Our sessions bring me to where I want to be, where I feel that I belong. You give me the tools and the map and the courage to go down the path I know I belong. I’ve so much gratitude and trust in you.”

Be'erit Konforty, student

“Roma is a gifted teacher for our times. She is an authentic and direct presence and speaks from the depths of timeless awareness, with love, compassion and clarity.”

- Jeff Delay, Facilitator

“If you are fortunate enough to work with Roma, you will be bathed in transformative energy. She creates an environment that is warm and loving all the while doing her magic in nurturing and empowering ways.”

– Claire Arnesen, Psychotherapist

“The space of transformational change opens in Roma’s Presence. She attunes to your breath, your heart, and your story and gently guides you home to the center of your Being.”

– Marcia Haarer, LMSW, Psychotherapist