“Roma is an extraordinary Realization Process teacher. Compassionate and perceptive, she brings to her work the finely attuned spiritual sensitivity, psychological insight and warm loving presence gained from her own awakening.”
Judith Blackstone, Realization Process founder

Awaken into a Joyous, Creative, Sensuous, and Liberated Life

I’m Roma Hammel. A nondual embodiment wisdom teacher, I share powerful practices for feeling vibrantly alive, substantive and secure, and at home in our own body, intimately connected with and sourced by the radiant ground of being.

Awakening opens us into a luminous transparency, a vast unified field of consciousness.

Releasing limiting patterns frees us to love, create, speak, and experience delight.

Embodying our authentic nature manifests in our sparkling eyes, vibrant voice, and sensuous touch.

The Realization Process is a series of gentle, precise practices offering transformation at the deepest levels of our being:

  • nondual meditations for deepening and stabilizing in nonduality
  • relational attunements for opening into mutually-nourishing resonant connections with others
  • embodiment and movement practices for embodying our true nature – the clear light of fundamental consciousness
  • verbal healing processes and a unique, precise method for releasing subtle energetic, mental, and somatic holding patterns

Ancient Taoist practices, transmitted heart-to-heart, transform the body, transmute challenging energies, and transfigure our whole being. At the heart of Taoist practices are precise techniques to control and direct the flow of qi. Qi refers to signals that travel on the electo-magnetic wave spectrum that affect the functioning of the body. The movements and postures in various qigong practices are frameworks for internal strengthening, balancing and moving the qi. Tantra, translated as ‘the thread,’ refers to both the transmission of enlightened energy and the continuum of our original nature. Awakening into the Tao, we experience our living body rooted in the earth, aligned with the universe – ceaselessly manifesting.

Authorized to teach the Tao by Sifu Joe HingKwok Chu, I am also a veteran Senior Realization Process teacher. It gives me great pleasure to share that I am working closely with Cynthia Riha, who joins me in teaching RP & the Enneagram Instincts workshops. Whether you participate in small-group series, teacher trainings, or intensive personal work, I offer gentle, precise guidance towards realizing a joyous, creative, sensuous and liberated life.

Ten Thursdays
Sep – Dec
10:30 am – 12 noon PT
three private sessions
Twenty Thursdays
Sep 2021 – Apr 2022
4 – 5:30 pm PT
six private sessions

Healing Ground
Teacher Training 

In Person – Part One
March 30 – April 3, 2022

Deepening Retreats for Women

Sep 11-12
Dec 4-5
9 am – 2:30 pm PT