Awaken into a Joyous, Sensuous, Creative, and Liberated Life

Nondual Teachings for Living Authentically

Join Roma in CA and Judith in NY to deepen your own realization of fundamental consciousness. Learn to perceive and help people overcome obstacles to nondual realization, and to accelerate their results in meditation practice.

Series: Winter Unity in Community

Dissolving Obstacles to Intimacy asks us to be deeply in touch with our authentic self, to illuminate our true nature, to speak again with love. Weaving RP practices into subtle somatic inquiries liberates us to embrace life fully.

Designed for advanced nondual meditators, this five-week June Tao series focuses on subtle integrative practices that produce a concentrated and heightened state of self-awareness, continuously self-transfiguring.

Explore how to live and teach authentically with a small group of fully-certified RP teachers. Through somatic inquiries and practicum experiences, you can cultivate foundational capacities and hone essential skills for living as a healing presence in this world.

Experience the healing process emerging spontaneously out of the field of fundamental consciousness during our time together such that you develop an unshakeable confidence as a therapeutic presence and in your capacity to catalyze deep healing and transformation.

Retreat: The Wild Heart of Reality

Do you seek to realize the nonduality of your innate nature? Do you long to feel the utter truth of it throughout your whole body? This July retreat weaves Realization Process with Taoist practices in nature such that our hearts become wild and fierce, our bodies luminous and self-aware, our minds keen and clear.