Awaken into a Joyous, Sensuous, Creative, and Liberated Life

In the Realization Process, nondual realization is the uncovering of our primary nature: fundamental consciousness pervading our body and environment as a unity. This training teaches the main Realization Process practices for embodied nondual awakening, as well as specific practices for cultivating the subtlety, openness, luminosity and steadiness of nondual realization. The training includes sitting, standing and walking meditations for opening subtle perception, refining your breath and energy and deepening your innate capacities for love, pleasure and mental clarity.

The Advanced Realization Process Mentoring Program illuminates an extraordinary path towards living and teaching authentically. This seven-month program is designed to deepen your embodiment of fundamental consciousness, cultivate trust in the healing ground, and support courageous acts in taking your work in this world to the next level. A primary emphasis in this program is on direct experience:

    • Illuminating your true nature
    • Becoming more fully human
    • Dissolving obstacles to love

In Their Own Words

“Roma is an extraordinary teacher. Along with a deep understanding of the principles and practices of the Realization Process, she brings to her work the finely attuned spiritual sensitivity, psychological insight and warm loving presence gained from her own awakening.”

Judith Blackstone, PhD, Realization Process founder

“Roma is an extraordinary teacher. She is vibrantly alive, wise and a healing presence. She embodies and transmissions the unconditional love and luminosity of fundamental consciousness. She understands the subtleties of how people disconnect from themselves and others and offers a safe space for people to open up their hearts, experience their essence and deeply connect with themselves and the world around them.”

Fiona Ballmer, Nondual Meditation Teacher, Switzerland, Advanced Realization Process Mentoring Program
“I found the Tao training to be one of the most profound and powerful trainings of my entire life.  Your ability to embody this deep wisdom and transmit it to others is simply jaw droppingly awe inspiring.”
Chris Allen, Psychotherapist, Taoism

“The very best teachers are not preoccupied by their title of teacher. The very best teachers are fueled by the student’s experience of unwinding contractions to experience the vastness of who we are. Roma is fierce in her commitment to enable her students and tender in her step-by-step instructions.”

Kathleen Clancy, Psychotherapist

“I can barely begin to explain the alchemy of Roma’s work. Her ability to guide me into a lived, visceral integration of body, mind and heart is a gift I didn’t expect to experience in this lifetime.”

Cynthia Riha, Senior Realization Process Teacher, Executive Coach, Taoism, Advanced Realization Process Mentoring Program

“Every cell in my body is being lit up by joy. My body calibrates to the light in your being. You are the mirror I never had to help me connect to myself. I see you as a teacher of the language of the soul.”

Louise Bielenstein, Coordinator, Stockholm City, Unity in Communnity

“If you are fortunate enough to work with Roma, you will be bathed in transformative energy. She creates an environment that is warm and loving all the while doing her magic in nurturing and empowering ways.”

Claire Arnesen, Psychotherapist, Taoism

“I can’t even imagine finding anyone else that I would trust to teach me these kinds of practices. My family no longer triggers me. Love and safety live in my body.”

Forrest Bennett, Computer Scientist, Deepening Retreat

“You are the only person I named teacher. Our sessions bring me to where I want to be, where I feel that I belong. You give me the tools and the map and the courage to go down the path I know I belong. I’ve so much gratitude and trust in you.”

Be'erit Konforty, student, personal guidance