“Roma is an extraordinary Realization Process teacher. Compassionate and perceptive, she brings to her work the finely attuned spiritual sensitivity, psychological insight and warm loving presence gained from her own awakening.”
Judith Blackstone, Realization Process founder

Awaken into a Joyous, Creative, Sensuous and Liberated Life

Hi, I’m Roma Hammel. A nondual embodiment teacher, I invite you into a direct experience of oneness – and the infinite possibilities of our being completely connected and completely free.

Awakening unveils a luminous transparency, a subtle, unified field of consciousness, that pervades our whole body – and everything – and everyone around us.

Releasing limiting somatic patterns frees us to live within our whole body, substantive and secure, alive and responsive to the world around us.

Embodying our true nature manifests in our sparkling eyes, vibrant voice and sensuous touch.

Ways to Engage


Profound yet practical Realization Process meditations unwind our hearts, bodies, and minds towards openness, towards embodying an empathic, dynamic ground of consciousness – both as the goal and the instrument of living authentically – emotionally responsive, intelligent, and creative.

Ancient Taoist practices refine and transmute our hearts, bodies, and minds towards wholeness, towards embodying the rhythmic vitality of our true nature, rooted in the earth and harmoniously aligned to the cosmos/universe – One Heart ceaselessly manifesting.

A Senior Realization Process teacher, I’ve taught these transformational practices thousands of hours. Whether you participate in small-group series, retreatsteacher trainings, or intensive personal work, I offer life-affirming nourishing guidance towards embodying a joyous, creative, sensuous and liberated life. Unveil the depth of luminosity that we experience as our true self.

Luminous Paths to the Healing Ground –  Summer 2020 – WAITLISTED

Embodying Your True Self – Fall – 3 OPENINGS

Living in Presence – January 2021

Dissolving Obstacles to Intimacy – February – April 2021


Deep Sensing into the Wisdom of the Tao – Summer 2020 – WAITLISTED

Deep Sensing into the Wisdom of the Tao – 2020/2021 – THREE OPENINGS

Beyond the Veils – Summer 2020 – TWO OPENINGS

Beyond the Veils – 2020/2021


Teacher Training
– January 2021 – WAITLISTED

In Their Own Words

“I can barely begin to explain the alchemy of Roma’s work. Her ability to guide you into a lived, visceral integration of body, mind and heart is a gift I didn’t expect to experience in this lifetime.”

- Cynthia Riha, Executive Coach

“I can’t even imagine finding anyone else that I would trust to teach me these kinds of practices. My family no longer triggers me. Love and safety live in my body.”

– Forrest Bennett, Computer Scientist

“The space of transformational change opens in Roma’s Presence. She attunes to your breath, your heart, and your story and gently guides you home to the center of your Being.”

– Marcia Haarer, LMSW, Psychotherapist

“Our session was transformative — and I am not overstating the effect. On physical and energetic levels, the experiences you guided me through have continued. On a practical level, I am sailing through tasks.”

– Robert Kenny, MBS, PhD

“If you are fortunate enough to work with Roma, you will be bathed in transformative energy. She creates an environment that is warm and loving all the while doing her magic in nurturing and empowering ways.”

– Claire Arnesen, Psychotherapist

“Roma is a gifted teacher for our times. She is an authentic and direct presence and speaks from the depths of timeless awareness, with love, compassion and clarity.”

Jeff Delay, Facilitator