Welcome Back Cohort 2


Part Two:  Applying the Foundation –
Deepening, Healing, Relating, Designing, Guiding
Sep 7, 14, 21, 28, Oct 12, 19, 26, Dec 7, 14
Wednesdays 2 – 4 pm Pacific


“The therapist who is attuned to the pervasive space of fundamental consciousness can, to some extent,
‘see-feel’ the shifts in the client’s experience as they speak. This can help us:

          • discern what is most potent for the client in their narrative, even if their words do not provide this emphasis.
          • ‘see-feel’ where the client is most open to experience and where they have defended themselves
          • see the ages and the emotions that are held within the client’s body.
          • see through layers of protection and compensatory constrictions
          • perceive the person that they truly are within this binding.

“Often this evokes in us a recognition of our basic kinship with other human beings and
a spontaneous upwelling of compassion for the ways in which we have all hidden and confined ourselves.”

Judith Blackstone

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Welcome back!
I hope you’ve had an amazing summer! I’m really looking forward to being with you as we begin Part Two of our transformative journey.
Please reflect:
  1. What’s going on with you? How’s life? Any particular joys or challenges that you’d like me to know about? How’s your RP meditation practice? How’s your RP professional life progressing? (website? teaching? etc.) How’s your RP partner group?
  2. In what specific ways were the summer reading (three books) useful and meaningful (or not) for you?
  3. What ‘burning questions’ are you most interested in exploring as possibilities for the live healing sessions?
  4. When you google your name or check out your online profile on twitter or instagram or facebook, are the images and links consistent with the message that you want to send to your future clients? Any concerns? Any surprises? Or are you “invisible” or “unfindable”? or sending messages that aren’t in alignment with being a spiritual teacher or healing presence?
Please be prepared Wednesday to talk 1-2 minutes to present your persuasive views as to why the issues you’re interested in exploring as topics for “live healing sessions” should be topics that the entire cohort cares about.
(Note: This is a “jigsaw” assignment, which means that by the time all the groups guide us through their “live healing sessions,” each of us, whether facilitators or participants, will have learned something significant about each topic.
By the end of class Wed Sep 6:
  • you will have chosen your topic and be in an “affinity” group
  • you will have signed up for one of these dates for your “live” session: Sep 20, Sep 27, or Oct 4
  • you will have engaged in meditations to integrate body and mind and to attune to each other
  • you will have engaged in a somatic inquiries into ways you shift your attention to feel safer
  • you will have practiced cultivating your “see-feel” skills
Each affinity group will meet outside of class in order to 
  • engage in further research and dialogue on your topic
  • discuss relevant sections in the summer reading books
  • explore how differences in your group members’ patterns of openness and consrtruction (e.g., perceptual, somatic, energetic, emotional, and mental) can serve as sources of learning and wisdom for this project
  • design a 15-20 minute live healing session using RP practices