Entering the Fire with Heart

A nondual embodiment wisdom teacher, I share these heartfelt thoughts in response to societal and global challenges, including systemic racial injustice, economic inequities, climate change, threats of nuclear war, and current wars and threats of terrorism and autocracy in the US and around the globe:

  • We who grieve the great injustices on Earth are called not to just to change our views – but to transform at the deepest levels of our being.
  • We are challenged to awake to the plurality of reality.
  • Only a metanoia – a radical change of heart, mind, and spirit – will enable us to live in right relationship with ourselves, others, and this Earth.

Stage One: Preparing your heart, body, and mind for radical self-transformation

  • Find allies and wise, compassionate guides to support you in cultivating the capacity to be personally “touched” by the impact of our current societal and global challenges on others and on this Earth – e.g., systemic racial injustice, economic inequities, climate change, and our global pandemic.
  • Cultivate “sacred heart space” – an internal attitude of spacious tenderness so that you can actually experience whatever you’re experiencing – including challenging sensations, difficult emotions, forbidden thoughts..
  • Practice effective breathing and skillful self-soothing strategies to relax your belly, reassure your heart, quiet your nervous system, and calm your mind.
  • Learn subtle, nondual body-centered meditations to support your heart, body, and mind in growing toward wholeness – and in “seeing through” distorted perceptions and unconscious beliefs, disentangling from habituated thoughts, emotional reactivity, and painful sensations, and releasing limiting somatic, mental, emotional, perceptual, and energetic patterns..
  • Recognize that what’s going on is larger than you. It’s as if the schisms in our psyches that separate us from ourselves reflect schisms that divide us from others and from this Earth..