Phase Three Closing the Circle
Weeks 13-14
Wednesdays Dec 7 and 14, 2-4 pm Pacific


  • Together with others, demonstrate skills and capacities for living and teaching authentically.
    • Plan and facilitate a 10-15 minute live interactive session on a topic that you’re passionate about, one that addresses interests and needs of others in your cohort, such as:
      • Ways to grieve the great injustices on Earth, tell the truth, and stay engaged – Karen
      • Support for diversity, equity, and inclusion
      • Strategies for challenging clients OR group dynamics, OR controversial questions – Kishore
      • Ethics for living and teaching authentically
      • Demonstrations of how you and others have grown and changed during our time together
      • A graduation celebration of the diverse ways each of you are launching this work in the world
      • Other?

Daily: Practice assigned RP meditations 30+ minutes.

Weekly: Speak directly with your partners weekly, focusing on what really matters to each of you. Important learning happens when spiritual friends seek open-heartedly to learn from each other.

Act courageously: Make specific commitments to the group and to yourself – take your work to the next level

Learn more about Level II (open to graduates of cohorts 1 & 2)

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