RP Mentoring Program Curricula Library

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“Our breathing pattern was formed in relation to our childhood environment. But we cannot be present in ourselves unless we breathe the air that is here now.” – Judith Blackstone

RP Breathing Practices


“The more we know ourselves as the stillness of fundamental consciousness, the more freely, fluidly, and deeply our energy flows.” – Judith Blackstone

RP Subtle Energy Practices


“We can experience ourselves as the one light, the undivided consciousness that is the ground of our being, and of all being.”  – Judith Blackstone

RP Consciousness Practices

The Relational Field

“Spiritual maturity can be seen as the realization of the fundamental unity of the relational field.” – Judith Blackstone

Being Human

“We can actually feel the qualities of our intelligence, love, voice, power, and sexuality, and so recover these vital aspects of ourselves from the crushing impact of trama. Spiritual maturity is not a rising above our humanness, but rather the culmination of our humanness. The spiritual dimension is right here, now, pervading everything.” – Judith Blackstone

Subtle Perception

“All of the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and textures of each moment seem to arise directly out of the empty space, without any effort on our part to perceive them. In the Eastern spiritual literature, this has been called ‘direct perception’ or ‘bare perception.'” – Judith Blackstone

RP Subtle Perception Practices


“As a unified being, we can experience all the parts and aspects of ourselves at once. We can experience the internal space of our legs and our head simultaneously, for example. We can think, feel, and sense at the same time. This means that all aspects of our self-expression contain the full breadth of our being. For example, our whole being will be reflected in the timbre of our voice, in the way we touch or move.” – Judith Blackstone

Om So Hum