“Spiritual maturity can be seen as the realization
of the fundamental unity of the relational field.”
– Judith Blackstone

Collaborative Work Outside of Class
Part Two Weeks 6-12


Collaborate in researching, designing, and facilitating
healing sessions on topics that you’re passionate about

Together with others, design and guide a 30-40 minute live healing session using RP practices.

  • As a cohort, choose 3-4 topics that you and others are passionate about. Then divide into “affinity” groups of 2-3 for further research and dialogue.
    • Please choose a topic discussed in one of the summer reading books:
      • Power, love, understanding, sensuality, or voice
      • Resilience, self-love, feeling grounded, being happy, or living in reality 
      • Leaving, merging, enduring, aggression, or rigid
      • Other?
  • Meet as an “affinity”  group outside of class to:
  • After your group’s live session, there will be a 10-15 minute period for your ‘affinity’ group members to share your reflections as well as time to answer questions from other cohort members.
    • Respond by appreciating, normalizing, directing others inward to their own wisdom, offering a direction or suggestion, clarifying, advising, guiding