Deepening Retreats

Spontaneously present, infinitely spacious, fundamental consciousness may be experienced as a sheer transparency pervading our whole body and environment. Authenticity refers to the extent to which we experience this unbound luminous consciousness as our true nature.

It is our birthright to be powerful, loving, sensuous, wise human beings – each with our own voice. As we shed constructed images and superficial layers of our being, we realize a shimmering field pulsating and vibrating throughout our body and beyond. Embodying this clear light can be as natural as breathing.

  • Nondual meditations awaken fundamental consciousness in our whole body.
  • Relational attunements dissolve fixed patterns of self and other.
  • Healing practices release chronic fragmentations in our own being, and between us and our environment.
  • Embodiment and movement exercises cultivate our capacities to feel vibrantly alive, substantive and secure, and at home in our own body.

Deepening Retreats are designed for certified Realization Process teachers and experienced RP meditators seeking to encompass the depth, intensity, and free flow of life with grace and ease. Sensitive to subtle aspects of energy and consciousness, I offer gentle, precise guidance, grounding, real-time tracking, and practical feedback.

Deepening Retreat for Women

April 23-24, 2022
9 am – 2 pm Pacific (with breaks)

Online Via Zoom

Fee $370 until April 7
$440 after April 7

Free to Love, Speak, Create, and Experience Delight

Delight arises spontaneously in sacred moments when a deeper form of light illuminates the world as it truly is. The felt-sense of delight is akin to gladness, which lightens our hearts. In those secret moments of present, our secret, intangible needs for deep contact are sated.

Journey with a global dynamic circle of women to realize the healing ground pervading us as a unity.

  • Deepen inward contact with your body
  • Open energy centers
  • Refine your breath and your senses
  • Dissolve limiting physical, somatic, and energetic patterns
  • Uncover the undivided wholeness that is our birthright

Applying fundamental consciousness to release emotions, memories, and beliefs held in our body, we heal from the core.

For 20 experienced women RP meditators who seek transformation at the deepest levels of our being.

Deepening Retreat – Unity

July 25-29, 2022
10 am – 4:30 pm (with breaks)

Los Altos Hills, CA

$630 till June 30
$730 after June 30

Awakening into the Wild Heart of Reality

Do you seek to realize the nonduality of your innate nature?

Do you long to feel the utter truth of it throughout your whole body?

Weaving Realization Process practices toegether with Taoist practices transmitted heart-to-heart, I offer guidance into the wild heart of reality.

Through meditation, movement, touch, sound, art, dialogue, and nature, you will explore these direct experiences:

  • Healing
    • deepening contact with the internal space of your whole body
    • refining the breath and unbinding the senses
    • integrating thinking, feeling, and sensing
  • Freeing
    • being conscious and in contact with your whole body, everywhere at the same time
    • releasing all mental concepts, including time and space
    • encompassing the depth, intensity, and free flow of emotions, cognitions, physical sensations, and perceptions, with grace and ease
  • Relating
    • recognizing and releasing chronic, unconscious constrictions within our own Being and between us and our environment
    • being grounded and rooted in mutually-nourishing relationships without being entangled or losing contact with yourself
    • embodying yourself as a powerful, loving, wise adult, with your own voice in the presence of others
  • Realizing
    • experiencing the spontaneity and immediacy of this present moment
    • experiencing the indestructibility of the ground of our being
    • experiencing our life itself, as existence itself

For 12-16 experienced RP meditators who seek to know the great bliss that rises up from our deepest experience of reality.



  • Participants will get a recording of each session.
  • Please commit to showing up, speaking your truth, listening with curiosity, and honoring confidentiality (so that each of us can be open, let go of fear of judgment, and allow our self to be seen and heard in our humanness.) After all, what we say in one moment as “truth” might be completely different in the next.
  • Apply only if you can commit to participating all three days.
  • These retreats are designed for experienced meditators who know their own psychological history.

Fees, changes, and cancellations:

  • Payment is due when you’re accepted into the retreat.
  • The fee for changing your registration or cancelling your registration (up until two weeks ahead of time) is $50.
  • After the late registration deadline, there are no refunds, except for extreme emergencies.
  • There are a imited number of spaces open to participants who need financial assistance in order to particpate.

Retreat suggestions: 

  • Create a supportive, quiet environment
  • Design a life schedule conducive to your well-being
  • Make a list of resources that honor the importance of being kind to yourself and others.
  • Listen to the wisdom of your body with tenderness and curiosity.