Deepening Retreats

Nonduality is the wholly mysterious experience that we are made of a luminous unified field of consciousness at the same time that we experience ourselves as made of matter. Experiencing this utter truth of life reaps an unmistakeable deepening of our ability to love, create, speak, and experience delight. Freedom manifests in our sparking eyes, vibrant voice, and sensuous touch. Deepening Retreats are open to certified Realization Process teachers and experienced RP meditators.


July 24-28, 2023 9:45 am – 4 pm
Los Altos Hills, CA

Awakening into the Wild Heart of Reality

Do you seek to realize the nonduality of your innate nature?
Do you long to feel the utter truth of it throughout your whole body?

Weaving Realization Process and Taoist practices with movement, touch, sound, art, dialogue, and nature, we unbind the senses, free the mind, and release subtle fragmentations within our own Being and between us and our environment. Implicit in this extraordinary process is a cosmological kind of wild freedom. Thoughts, sensations, and perceptions occur as a unity. Senses function as a unity. Actions spring from a single source of understanding, emotion, and physical sensation. Even the smallest movement of our body, as we turn our head or gesture with our hands, carries the full breadth of our human capacities. So, for example, we can experience love and intelligence in our arms or our legs; we can hear with our whole body, heart, and mind. Nourished by nature and nurtured by the kindness of others, our hearts become wild and fierce, our bodies luminous and self-aware, our minds keen and clear.

What to bring:
casual summer clothes with a lightweight jacket for early mornings or evenings, sun hat, dark glasses, swim suit, walking shoes, meditation bowl (if convenient), notebook, personal comfort items 

What to expect;
9:00 am (optional) gathering – bring your breakfast or snack – go for an early swim or rest in the hammock or pick ripe blackberries
9:45 am – gathering as a group – overview of morning – what’s alive now?
10 – 12:30 am  – subtle, somatic, unity-consciousness seated meditations
12:30 – 1:45 pm – lunch – bring food to eat or share – go for a swim, walk through nearby Esther Clark Park, draw, read, talk with others, or nap under the redwoods
1:45 pm – gathering as a group – overview of afternoon – what’s alive now?
2 – 4:30 pm – creative meditations that deepen our contact with the unified field – through art, music, sound, poetry, journaling, movement, pair work, small group somatic inquiries, solitary time in nature
4:30 pm onward – (optional) stay here and swim or relax
5:30 pm onward – (optional) organize a potluck or take out food to share  – sit out on the back patio by the pool as the sunsets, and linger until 9 or 10 pm …
9 or 10 pm onward – quiet time – rest
  • Arrange an outing to visit Stanford University (15 minute away), San Francisco (45 minutes away), Monterey (90 minutes away)
  • Explore the beaches (45 minutes away) or redwood trees (30-45 minutes away for old grove trees) or downtown (6 minutes away)
  • Walk around downtown Los Altos or Stanford Shopping Center
This retreat is for experienced RP meditators who can sustain consciousness of the unified field for 90+ minutes. It is not focused on psychological work but instead on deepening attunement to the unified field of consciousness pervading us as a group. 


  • Please commit to showing up, speaking your truth, listening with curiosity, and honoring confidentiality (so that each of us can be open, let go of fear of judgment, and allow our self to be seen and heard in our humanness.) After all, what we say in one moment as “truth” might be completely different in the next.
  • This series is designed for experienced meditators who know their own psychological history.

Fees, changes, and cancellations:

  • Payment is due when you’re accepted into this retreat.
  • The fee for changing your registration or cancelling your registration (up until two weeks ahead of time) is $50.
  • After the late registration deadline, there are no refunds, except for extreme emergencies.
  • There are a imited number of spaces open to participants who need financial assistance in order to particpate.

Retreat suggestions: 

  • Create a supportive, quiet environment
  • Design a life style conducive to your well-being
  • Make a list of resources that honor the importance of being kind to yourself and others.
  • Listen to the wisdom of your body with tenderness and curiosity.