Embody Your Spiritual Journey with the Realization Process

Led by Cynthia Riha

Tuesdays  March 1 – April 19 2022  4:30 – 6:00 PM Pacific
Online via Zoom
Includes 2 1-hour private sessions with Cynthia


“At some point a fierce inner drive arises, not just to survive – but to be free.” Roma Hammel

Our spiritual journey is our path to knowing our whole selves – our unique beingness and our timeless, boundless true nature. However you are walking that path, the Realization Process invites you back to the wonder and intelligence we discover when we fully inhabit our bodies. As our senses brighten, the vibrancy of our felt sense of beingness intensifies and we directly experience our essential nature. 

In this series we’ll explore the various elements you might encounter on the path and how the Realization Process can be integrated. 

  • Why is embodiment so important to knowing ourselves?
  • What is fundamental consciousness? 
  • What role does meditation play in how we open?
  • How do we integrate psychological and emotional healing practices?
  • How can community be the container for our work?

Each week we’ll focus on a topic or theme and work with specific RP exercises to deepen your experience of each element of this journey. Along with the meditations, there will be opportunities for journaling, small group exercises, and group discussion, all designed to support you as you find your particular way forward. 

Whether you have just started a journey to awakening, have been on the path for some time, or are integrating what has already opened, this group will create a space to examine what is alive for you at this time and how to integrate the exercises of the Realization Process to deepen your unfolding.

In our private sessions, we’ll explore how the Realization Process exercises can be integrated with your existing practices, or work together on specific issues or obstacles important to your journey.

Additional information:

  • Some experience with the Realization Process and/or meditation is required. Please contact me if you have questions.
  • Audio recordings of the sessions will be provided. These are for your personal use and not to be shared so that we can create a safe container for everyone present.
  • Ensure that you can create a quiet, comfortable place to participate, in a chair supportive of meditation.
  • Please only apply if you think you can attend at least 6 of the 8 sessions.
  • Cost should never be a reason to not join. Please contact me to work out a solution that allows you to participate.

Love says, ‘I am everything.’ Wisdom says, ‘I am nothing.’ Between these two my life flows.

                                                                                   Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj