Realization Process Essentials

Wednesdays 10:30 – 12:30 pm Pacific
June 1, 8, 15  22,29
Online via Zoom

Everyone is welcome!
Come home to your true self!

Living within your own body, you feel vibrantly alive, open and present to life.
You know who you are. You feel authentic. You feel real.
Freedom manifests in your sparkling eyes, vibrant voice, and sensuous touch.


Join this unique opportunity to focus on two foundational Realization Process exercises: Attunement to Fundamental Consciousness and Core Breath. During this five-week series, you’ll receive:

  • Guidance in opening the body, heart and mind to nondual reality, uncovering a quality-rich, authentic experience of yourself as an individual at the same time as you transcend your individuality, and attuning to the pervasive spaciousness of fundamental consciousness and to the subtle channel that runs through the vertical core of the body
  • Personal feedback in letting go of your habitual grip on yourself throughout your whole body and being, opening the chakras, and refining the breath so you can experience yourself as transparent, as pervaded by, or made of, fundamental consciousness
  • Individual attention from certified RP teachers in break-out rooms so you may realize how to:
    • inhabit your whole body all the way through from front to back
    • settle the internal space of your torso, neck and head
    • find the inside of both knees (hip sockets and shoulder sockets) at the same time
    • feel present within the internal space of your body
    • feel both individual and one with your environment at the same time
    • find the space that is pervading other people and the walls of the room

As noted above, joining me in offering guidance, feedback, and individual attention in each session are certified RP teachers currently participating in the RP Teacher Mentoring series. You’ll have a chance to hear about their experiences and connect with them personally. They are also available for 20-minute free private consultations outside of class.

Whether you’re seeking gentle, precise guidance in living consciously within your whole body or wanting personal attention in attuning to subtle dimensions of consciousness, this unique offering invites you to come home to yourself. Those who are interested in upcoming teacher trainings will be well-prepared.

This small-group series includes 10 hours of classes with guidance, personal feedback, and individualized attention from Roma plus 3 certified RP teachers in the RP Teacher Mentoring series who are also available for 20-minute free private consultations.

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  • Please commit to showing up, speaking your truth, listening with curiosity, and honoring confidentiality (so that each of us can be open, let go of fear of judgment, and allow our self to be seen and heard in our humanness.) After all, what we say in one moment as “truth” might be completely different in the next.
  • Apply only if you can commit to participating “live” in at least four of the five sessions..

Lifestyle suggestions:

  • Create a supportive, quiet environment
  • Design a life schedule conducive to your well-being
  • Make a list of resources that honor the importance of being kind to yourself and others.
  • Listen to the wisdom of your body with tenderness and curiosity.