Guidelines for Meeting with Spiritual Friends Outside of Class
Advanced RP Teacher Mentoring Program Level I

“Spiritual maturity can be seen as the realization
of the fundamental unity of the relational field.”
– Judith Blackstone

Week 1 (sample)

Important learning happens when spiritual friends seek open-heartedly to learn from each other. Speaking directly with your partner(s) weekly allows each of you to focus on what really matters to each of you. Suggestions as to how your time together might be valuable to each of you:

  • Meditate core-to-core so that you can settle – and relate being-to-being.
  • Discern what serves each of you best – where the Venn Diagram of your shared interests intersect. 
  • Look at the Level I coursc overview.  What are your hopes, dreams, wishes, and expectations in joining this Advanced RP Mentoring program? What are your challenges? Your  fears?
  • Describe your ideal client. 
  • Guide each other in one of your favorite RP practices for deepening in fundamental consciousness.