Healthy, Flowing Instincts
Essential for Embodiment

Ten Thursdays
10:30 am – 12 noon Pacific time
Jan 7, 14, 21, Feb 11, 25, Mar 4, 11 Apr 1, 8, 15, 2021 (dates tentative)
plus two private appointments with Roma and
one private appointment with Cynthia Riha
Online via Zoom
In this unique transformational series, we’ll explore Realization Process practices for cultivating healthy, flowing responses to our instinctual needs:
  • to take care of ourselves
  • to relate to others in our environment, and
  • to contact our life force energy

As some of you may recognize, these are the three instincts that are foundational to the Enneagram: self-preservation, social, and sexual.

Distorted or repressed, these instincts separate us from realizing the ground of our Being, from embodying our true self.  Balanced, healthy, and flowing, these instincts are primary to our actual, tangible experience of living in harmony with the rhythmic vitality of our True Nature.

In this series, we’ll focus on Realization Process meditations to become conscious and in contact with ourselves everywhere in our body, experiencing the stillness of fundamental consciousness and the vibration of subtle energy at the same time.

Gentle, precise practices guide us towards:

  • inhabiting our body, attuning to the subtle core of our body, and cultivating the most subtle dimension of our energy system in which the integration of breath and energy is experienced throughout the whole body at once
  • attuning to and embodying human qualities such as gender, power, love, voice, and understanding
  • attuning to and embodying qualities of fundamental consciousness such as awareness, emotion, and physical sensation
  • experiencing fundamental consciousness as clear-through emptiness (sheer transparency and openness), a quality-rich presence (experienced as a stillness, pervading the whole body, shining from within, as if from every cell). and the unity of emptiness and presence.
  • embodying Essence, such that we experience our own existence, our Being, our Beingness, our True Self

Through carefully designed sensing, somatic inquiries, we’ll guide you through both whole-group and small-group processes for:

  • discerning very subtle movements of instinctual energies
  • exploring personal patterns of distorting or repressing instinctual energies
  • cultivating your capacity to allow what has been touched by fear to be touched with love

This ten-session series is rooted in these three premises:

  • Embedded within the self-preservation instinct – our focus on having the necessary resources for our survival – is the impulse towards well-being. Through contacting the body’s wisdom, we can embody wholeness.
  • Embedded within the social (or adaptation) instinct – our awareness of and relationship to others in our environment – is the impulse towards connection and a felt-sense of belonging. We can embody oneness with ourselves, others, our Earth, and this Cosmos.
  • Embedded within the sexual (or resonance) instinct – the energies of our life force – is the impulse towards realizing the undivided consciousness that is our innermost nature. We can embody the truth of our being – our True Self.
Joining me in these sensing, somatic explorations is my dear friend, Cynthia Riha. Her work with the Enneagram Prison Project has given her a deep conceptual, somatic, and perceptual understanding of Enneagram types and instincts. Her decades of meditation practice and her years of Realization Process studies have underlined the significance of subtle, nondual embodiment practices in freeing ourselves “from the prisons of our own making.”

Sourced by the ground of our being, the unified field of consciousness that permeates all living beings, we feel vibrantly alive, substantive and secure, and at home in our own body, receptive and responsive to our environment.

This 10-session series includes two private appointments with me and one private appointment with Cynthia Riha. Directions for scheduling with Cynthia will be provided when the program begins.

No prior knowledge of the Enneagram is necessary. No prior knowledge of the Realization Process is needed for those who know their personal psychological history and who feel called to engage in to this very precise, subtle approach to embodying nonduality.

All-inclusive fee: $930

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