Healthy, Flowing Instincts
Essential for Embodiment

Ten Thursdays
10:30 am – 12 noon Pacific time
Jan 7, 14, 21, Feb 11, 25, Mar 4, 11 Apr 1, 8, 15, 2021 (dates tentative)
plus two private appointments with Roma and
one private appointment with Cynthia Riha
Online via Zoom

Realization Process practices can liberate us from being governed by dominant, distorted, or repressed responses to what Enneagram experts describe as our instinctual needs:

  • self-preservation: taking care of practical necessities
  • social: maintaining interpersonal relationships, and
  • sexual: experiencing the vitality of our life force.

In this unique series, we’ll focus on Realization Process meditations for inhabiting our whole body, opening subtle energies, refining our breath and perceptions, integrating awareness, emotion, and physical sensation, integrating the qualities of being human, and deepening in presence such that we experience our Essence – embody our True Self.

We’ll also engage in sensing, somatic inquiries into each instinct so that we may recognize and release limiting somatic and energetic holding patterns;  transmute very subtle signals of dominant, distorted, or repressed self-preservation, social, and sexual instinctual energies; and cultivate a balanced, healthy flow of energies essential for:

  • feeling substantive, secure, and vibrantly alive
  • connecting authentically, in mutually-nourishing relationships,
  • embodying the radiant transparency of our True Nature.

Joining me in our experiential inquiries is my dear friend, Cynthia Riha, an executive coach and management consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cynthia’s work with the Enneagram Prison Project has given her a deep conceptual, somatic, and perceptual understanding of Enneagram types and instincts. Her decades of meditation practice and her years of Realization Process studies have underlined the significance of subtle, nondual embodiment practices in freeing ourselves “from the prisons of our own making.”

This 10-week series includes two private appointments with me and one private appointment with Cynthia Riha. Directions for scheduling with Cynthia will be provided when the program begins.

Sessions will also include small-group inquiries and dialogue plus opportunities for personal questions and dialogue with the whole group. Participants will get a recording of each session. Participation is limited so that group can ‘dive deeply.’ Apply only if you can commit to attending 8/10 sessions live.

Please commit to showing up, speaking your truth, listening with curiosity, and honoring confidentiality (so that each of us can be open, let go of fear of judgment, and allow our self to be seen and heard in our humanness.) After all, what we say in one moment as “truth” might be completely different in the next.

Though no prior knowledge of the Enneagram is needed, this series is designed for experienced meditators who know their own psychological history and are drawn to engage in this very subtle approach to cultivating healthy flowing energies essential to awakening into a joyous, creative, sensuous, and liberated life.

All-inclusive fee: $930

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