Welcome to the Advanced RP Teacher Mentoring Program

Level II ∼ Catalyzing deep healing and transformation

2024: Wednesdays 10:30 am – 12:30 pm Pacific
Feb 21, 28, Mar 6, 13, 27, Apr 10, 17, 24, May 29, June 5, 12, 19 (tentative)

For graduates of the Advanced RP Teacher Mentoring Program Level I
who are
on the threshold of whole-heartedly committing to
living as a healing presence in this world –
Release lingering doubts and fears!
My commitment is to your unfolding into the fullness and wholeness –
into living and teaching authentically – as your true self.

Inspired by Judith Blackstone’s book The Intimate Life: Awakening to the Spiritual Essence in Yourself and Others, this program is designed such that the healing process emerges spontaneously out of the unified field of fundamental consciousness. The vision is that you develop an unshakeable confidence as a therapeutic presence through experiencing nondual realization applied towards psychological, emotional, and relational healing, and spiritual awakening.

I think this book is absolutely profound in offering practical advice and inspirational understanding essential to us, as Realization Process teachers, in healing core wounds.

You will (again) have a private portal where you receive reading guidance, study group directions, bonus meditations, sample somatic inquiries, enrichment videos and articles, and confidential recordings of our group sessions.

Below is an overview of our time together:

Week 1: Commitment to living as a healing presence in this world
Week 2: Realizing spiritual oneness

  • clearing the inner space of body
  • arriving at your own wild existence
  • accepting the ‘otherness’ of other people

Week 3: Healing schisms in the relational field

  • recognizing defensive barriers created early in life
  • letting go of behaviors and beliefs that cause needless suffering
  • releasing relational styles rooted in core relational wounds

Week 4: Transforming through the subtle core of the body

  • integrating awareness, emotion, and physical sensation in the subtle core of the body
  • releasing psychological defenses from your chakras
  • disentangling from others in the subtle core of the body

Week 5: Direct transmission – extraordinary openness

  • stimulating awareness, physical sensation, and emotion
  • exciting the mind, emotions, and sexuality
  • releasing limiting patterns related to gender and self-expression

Week 6: Bare perception – unifying the senses

  • uncovering the clear immediacy of the perceptual field
  • releasing patterns of defense that shape perceptions
  • ‘seeing’ through the body

Week 7: Awakening compassion

  • opening into compassion for the wounded child
  • discovering compassion for gender differences
  • directing compassion for ancestral healing

Week 8: Living luminous sexuality – true love

  • exploring how sexuality belongs to and affects our whole nature
  • letting go of concepts and engaging in real dialogue about gender and sexuality
  • transforming into true lovers of life

Weeks 9, 10, 11: Final Project: Teach our class
Choose a topic – a specific focus – a burning question that you are passionate about or one that seems urgent and of great importance or one that could be the basis of a workshop or class or series. Find a poem that speaks to the heart of your topic – and prepare to read / share it. Be prepared with a short anecdotal story that relates to your topic. Be prepared to teach an RP practice that relates to your topic. Be prepared to talk about your topic. You can work alone or with a partner. You’ll have 20-25 minutes for your “live” session plus 10-15 minutes for Q/A, reflections, and responses.

Week 12: Graduation

I am so inspired by the mystery and grace of the Realization Process!

Even as I write these words to you, I realize that in my heart of hearts, my real invitation is for you to embody your spirituality. Embody nonduality. Embody fundamental consciousness. I trust this path!