Advanced RP Teacher Mentoring Program

Level II ∼ Catalyze deep healing and transformation

Fridays 10:30 am – 12:30 pm Pacific
Jan 20, 27, Feb 10, 24, Mar 10, 24, April 14, 21, May 5, 12, June 2, 16 (tentative)



For graduates of the Advanced RP Teacher Mentoring Program Cohorts I or 2:

Are you on the threshold of whole-heartedly committing to
living as a healing presence in this world,?
What lingering doubts and fears arise to be released?

I invite you to show up –
guide meditations –
facilitate healing sessions –
in a small, life-affirming group.

Connect deeply with others, bonded by your love of RP!

The vision for the Advanced RP Teacher Mentoring Program Level II is that you experience the healing process emerging spontaneously out of the field of fundamental consciousness during our time together such that you develop an unshakeable confidence as a therapeutic presence and in your capacity to catalyze deep healing and transformation.

In reality, it means that in Level II, you are the RP practitioner, the RP facilitator, the RP teacher – guiding meditations, leading somatic inquiries, facilitating dialogues, giving short talks, and answering questions in a safe, life-affirming group setting. Also you are the student, the client, the process observer, the supervisor, the companion, the ally, the person bearing witness.

My hope is that you’ll be deeply transformed by the mystery and grace of the Realization Process as you apply nondual realization to personal maturity, psychological healing, and the release of trauma-based patterns from the body.

Drawing again and again on the gifts of inhabiting your own body, you:

  • Recover sources of strength and enjoyment
  • Develop self-love
  • Restore resilience
  • Experience self-ownership
  • Regain agency
  • Feel grounded, rooted, and settled
  • Feel safe, open and receptive
  • Feel appreciation and compassion for yourself

Even as I write these words to you, I realize that in my heart of hearts, my real invitation is for you to embody your spirituality. Embody nonduality. Embody fundamental consciousness. This is an invitation for you and others to self-organize our time together. I trust you – and I will support you.

Our work together could focus on deep healing from core wounds,
support through challenging times in your current life, and/or
liberation from cultural conditioning related to race/ethnicity, gender/sexuality, and religion.

Friday January 20th

Preparation Prior to Week 1

  • Design a life schedule conducive to your well-being
    • Create a supportive, quiet environment
    • Make a list of resources that honor the importance of being kind to yourself and others
    • Listen to the wisdom of your body with tenderness and curiosity.
  • Journal:
    • What are your favorite personal practices for deepening in fundamental consciousness?
    • What are your hopes, dreams, wishes, and expectations in joining this RP Mentoring program? What are your challenges? Your fears?
  • Practice your favorite RP subtle breathing practices (you’ll have access to dozens of recordings through the RP Library)
  • Optimize equipment needed for your office or studio set up
  • Read this book by Judith Blackstone right away as it is a resource for practices and dialogues in Part One:


Do you seek to realize yourself as a living, healing presence in this world?
Do you value collaborating during and outside of sessions with spiritual friends?
Do you want to hone your see-feel skills?
Design and facilitate transformative healing sessions?
Access a currated RP audio and video library?
Engage in courageous actions to take your work in this world to the next level?

What lingering doubts and fears arise to be released?

I invite you to show up –
guide meditations –
facilitate healing sessions –

  • Week 1: Connect with others to form a transformational learning community in service of human flourishing
    • Connection matters. Relating “whole being-to-whole being” catalyzes human flourishing.
    • “From the depths of our own being, we can connect with the depths of everyone and everything around us.” – Judith Blackstone
    • Deliver a 1–2-minute authentic, inspirational talk – one that sparks interest in who you are and what you do. Examples:
    • Journal:
      • What does safety, trust, connection, and respect feel like in your body?
      • How do you set the tone for your clients to feel safe, trusted, connected, and respected?
  • Week 2: Feel the space come alive with each person’s presence
    • Presence matters. Kinship provides a deep sense of belonging – of safety, trust, connection, and respect.
    • “The resonance connection of our shared aliveness gives us a sense of deep kinship.” – Judith Blackstone
    • Describe your ideal client
    • Journal:
      • How would your describe your relational style with your clients?
      • Do you experience a sense of kinship with your clients? Family? Friends? Strangers?
  • Week 3: Receive each other with warmth and tenderness
    • Receptivity matters. Tender attention, tender breath allows space for the vulnerable parts of yourself and others to be seen, heard, and met.
    • “Psychological defenses – repressed memories and emotions – become embedded in the tissues of our body, making them too dense and rigid to be easily penetrated by our consciousness.” – Judith Blackstone
    • Journal:
      • What is your path towards emotional freedom?
      • How do you guide your clients towards emotional freedom?
      • How do you interrupt your own and others’ patterns of negativity?
  • Week 4: Hone your body as an instrument of subtle perception
    • Perception matters. Perceiving as fundamental consciousness allows the healing process to emerge spontaneously out of the field.
    • “The body is an instrument of perception.” – Judith Blackstone
    • Practicum – “see-feel” skills
    • Journal:
      • What habitual, and therefore diminished or distorted modes of perception do you recognize in yourself?
      • What defensive grips on your cognitive functioning?
      • What limiting physical, energetic, and emotional patterns?
      • How do you guide your clients towards recognizing and releasing limiting perceptual, mental, emotional, energetic, and physical patterns?
  • Week 5: Attune to truth in the core of your own body.
    • Truth matters. Speaking inspirationally from your own experiences, warmly, and authentically allows you to relate to others with less projection, and with the love, empathy and compassion that arises spontaneously when realizing nonduality.
    • “Our whole being will be reflected in the timbre of our voice, in the way we touch or move.” – Judith Blackstone
    • Share a 90 second to 5-minute audio or video from an actual (or ‘mock’) teaching or healing session with one of your clients (or a friend.) Example:

Daily: Practice assigned RP meditations 30+ minutes.

Weekly: Speak directly with your partners weekly, focusing on what really matters to each of you. Important learning happens when spiritual friends seek open-heartedly to learn from each other.

Act courageously: Make specific commitments to the group and to yourself – take your work to the next level

You may it invaluable to read / reread Judith Blackstone’s book: The Intimate Life: Awakening to the Spiritual Essence in Yourself and Others

(Please read the following sections carefully, as we will focus on these sections during our first class.)

How our Pattern of Defense Shapes our Perception

Seeing Through the Body

Exercise 11 is a practice of seeing and hearing with (or as) fundamental consciousness.

(Please get the book and read the following sections carefully, as we will focus on these sections during our first class.

How our Pattern of Defense Shapes our Perception

Seeing Through the Body

Exercise 11 is a practice of seeing and hearing with (or as) fundamental consciousness.