Recordings for Experienced Realization Process Meditators

Offered freely out of the joy of giving

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Take a Moment and Let Yourself Be Seen

How else can we heal from the wounding of our lives, if somebody doesn’t finally see us?

Let the Song of Your Being Sing to You

Listen, as if the whole universe is singing to you.

Om So Hum – Jane Winther
“Joy” – a poem by Donna Ashworth
“The Presence of Trees” – a poem by Michael S. Glaser

Uncovering potent elements of your aliveness such as your intelligence, power, love, voice, and intelligence unveils a radical path towards freedom.

Recorded Friday September 16, 2022

Embodying emptiness truly dissolves fixed patterns of self and other.

Recorded Friday October 14, 2022

Embodying nonduality illuminates pathways towards living authentically.

Recorded Friday November 14, 2022</