Advanced RP Teacher Mentoring Program

Level II ∼ Catalyze deep healing and transformation

Fridays 10:30 am – 12:30 pm Pacific (zoom room open 10:10 am)
Jan 27, Feb 10, 24, Mar 10, 24, April 14, 21, May 5, 12, June 2, 16 (tentative)

Living a Life of Inquiry

Focus for January 27th:

Spiritual Maturity and the Relational Field

Spiritual maturity can be seen as the realization of the fundamental unity of the relational field.

Spiritual realization is a process of laying bare this underlying reality.
It is a process of dissolving the subjective limitations and distortions of our essential being.

The experience of existing as a human being, of being alive to ourselves and the world around us,
of responding to life with insight, emotion, and sensation, increases as we release our subjective organization.

1. Meditate in ways that support you and your life. Attune to the relational field as you’re doing dishes, having a cup of tea, or taking a walk. Attune with your study group.

2. Read Chapter One to explore Judith’s insights about living as a healing presence in this world. Focus on quotes that inspire, challenge, or confuse you. Let a quote move through you as you fold laundry, take a shower, or doodle. (Less can be more!)

3.. Meet as a study group to share what’s most alive for you. Your study group is there to support you as a human being, in being alive to yourself and responsive to the world around you.

Guidance for Friday January 27th: As a group, choose one concept to explore with our whole cohort in 10-20 minutes. Look at the simplicity of the sample somatic inquiries below as inspiration.

Organize according to each person’s interests. One possibility:

A leads 2-3 minute meditation, B guides 3-5 minute somatic inquiry, C facilitates a few minutes of dialogue with the whole cohort, D offers 2-3 minutes of closing insights.

Somatic inquiries into the tensions and contraction patterns in your body allow us to sense into the entanglements of our energies, emotions, physical sensations, thoughts or beliefs, perceptions. We can even sense into the purpose of these organizational patterns and how they weave our lives.

Engaging in somatic inquiries can help us recognize and release holding patterns and awaken into a more joyous, creative, senuous, and liberated life.