Advanced Realization Process Teacher Mentoring Program

Level II ∼ Catalyze deep healing and transformation

Zoom room opens 10:10 am Pacific
Meditate in heart chakra 10:25 am Pacific
Class 10:30 – 12:30 pm Pacific

By the end of the day Friday June 23rd, please email me 9 succinct paragraphs. One about each person in our group, describing what mattered to you most about that person, and why. Also write me 1 paragraph about what matters to you most about yourself, and why.

(inspired by this assignment:

FInal Projects:
JUNE 16th: Talia, Cynthia
JUNE 23rd: Fiona, Louise
SUNDAY JUNE 25th: Graduation Celebration!

Final Project Directions:
1. Choose a topic – a specific focus –
a) a burning question that you are passionate about or
b) one that seems urgent and of great importance or c
c) one that could be the basis of a workshop or class or series.