RP Teacher Mentoring
Towards Living and Teaching Authentically

New Cohort Begins June 1st


The Realization Process Mentoring Program is on a mission to launch dynamic, global cohorts of RP teachers with the skills and clarity needed to transform lives through realizing fundamental (nondual) consciousness, as well as through applying nondual realization for psychological, relational and physical healing.

What you’ll receive and learn in this program:

    • Engagement during and outside of our sessions with allies, witnesses, and true companions
    • Realization of a depth of presence that inspires your life and your work
    • Access to our currated curricula and media libraries
    • Forums for dialogues related to teaching RP
    • Practicums that cultivate your “see-feel” skills
    • Recognition for courageous acts that launch your work in this world
    • Strength and resilience in grieving the great injustices on Earth, telling the truth, and staying engaged

Living through presence transforms your life and your work:

    • Inhabit the RP practices. Experience why the words and exercises are so precise.
    • Inhabit thought. Discover an internal intelligence at the basis of the body-energy-mind system, such that you know without thinking, you hear without listening, and you see by sensing.
    • Participate intentionally by embodying fundamental consciousness, and allowing the healing process to emerge spontaneously, out of the field

Access our currated curricula and media libraries:

    • Download exercises and other materials created for RP practices
    • Watch videos of actual teacher-client sessions
    • Share your own exercises, audios, and videos so our library keeps growing

Focus on your real-time questions so both you and your clients:

    • Experience yourselves as basically whole, and undamaged
    • Realize an actual, quality-rich experience of yourselves and your environment
    • Experience deep connection with each other, without losing contact with yourself
    • Experience a deep, subtle but unmistakable sense of “I am”
    • Experience a sense of agency
    • Release holding patterns that diminish cognitive, emotional, tactile, and perceptual capacities that limit pleasure and spontaneity
    • Heal the effects of relational trauma – trauma that occurred in relationship to other people or to your environments. Taking the other as seriously as yourself is a total human encounter. Every way that you relate with each other is an opportunity for healing.

Cultivate your “see-feel” skills:

    • Open to the oneness of fundamental consciousness
    • Perceive as fundamental consciousness. Perceiver and perceived are a single perceptual field.
    • Unify your senses so that you can perceive each moment with all of your senses at once
    • Perceive patterns of openness (flow, light, vibration, aliveness) and constriction (ripples, densities, fragmentations, splitting, torquing, discordance)
    • Discern and respond skillfully to trauma-based patterns
    • Trust the healing process to emerge spontaneously out of the field

Engage in courageous acts that take your work to the next level.:

    • Communicate inspirationally, introducing your self and RP, adapting your language to your audience
    • Create a website resonant with who you are and what you offer
    • Design and facilitate courses that balance structure with flow, experience with talk
    • Add to our curricula and our video and audio libraries
    • Develop a toolbox of strategies for challenging clients, group dynamics, and controversial questions
    • Support diversity, equity, and inclusion; do your own shadow work; interrupt clients’ scapegoating
    • Develop a presence through social media interviews or conferences or blogs

Grieve the great injustices on Earth, tell the truth, and stay engaged. Find inner sources of strength and resilience that transmute grief into courageous actions, so that you may companion others on their journeys.

    • Be unshakeable … Illuminate life with each breath
    • Be inspirational … Tend to what’s most alive in each moment
    • Be transformational … Allow your deepest experience of reality to guide and inspire you

I welcome hearing from you. Please consider these two questions, before you apply:

a) Are you currently engaged in professional work – as body workers, yoga teachers, therapists, counselors, coaches, or teaching RP courses so that you can actually apply what you’re learning at this time in your professional work?

b) Do you have time to take your work to the next level through courageous actions such as creating or updating a website or creating audio recordings to support your clients’ work or developing new courses or speaking at conferences?

The intention in this series is for you to develop an unshakeable confidence in living and teaching RP authentically. I will be transparent in sharing what I know, and I look forward to learning from you. A Senior Realization Process Teacher and RP Teacher Trainer, I know that authentic, mutually-nourishing contact – with ourselves, others, and nature – affords us opportunities for transformational learning.

Please look over the bulleted points listed above, and let me know which ones are most important to you. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you, Roma

Living and Teaching Authentically – Cohort 2 NEW!
Wednesdays 2 – 4 pm Pacific

June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Sep 7, 14, 21, Oct 5, Oct 26, Nov 16, 23, 30, Dec 7

6-10 participants
Investment: $1850


Living and Teaching Authentically – Cohort 1
Fridays 10 – 12 noon Pacific

Part Two resumes: April 22, May 20, June 10, Sep 9, 23, Oct 7, 28, Nov 11 plus one more session to be arranged

6-10 participants
Balance due: $1190