Welcome to the Advanced Realization Process Teacher Mentoring

Level ILiving and teaching authentically

Wednesdays 10:30 am – 12:30 pm Pacific
May 31, June 7, 14, 21, 28, Sep 6, 13, 20, 27, Oct 4, Nov 15, 22, Dec 6, 13 (tentative) 

Do you seek to realize yourself as a living, healing presence in this world?
Do you value collaborating during and outside of sessions with spiritual friends?
Do you want to hone your see-feel skills?
Design and facilitate transformative healing sessions?
Access a currated RP audio and video library?
Engage in courageous actions to take your work in this world to the next level?

In Their Own Words

Karen Kerns
Cynthia Riha
Jason von Halle

The Advanced Realization Process Teacher Mentoring Program is designed to launch dynamic, global cohorts of fully-certified RP teachers with the skills and clarity needed to transform lives through nondual realization and by applying nondual realization to personal maturity, psychological healing and the release of trauma based patterns from the body.

Designed for 6-10 fully certified RP teachers who seek to cultivate your capacity to live as a healing presence in this world through participating in a safe and supportive global community bonded through our shared love of RP, Level I offers an extraordinary learning experience to:

Deepen your embodiment of fundamental consciousness so that you may:

    • Know without thinking, hear without listening, and see by sensing
    • Perceive patterns of openness (flow, light, vibration, aliveness)
    • Perceive patterns of constriction (ripples, densities, fragmentations, splitting, torquing, discordance)
    • Discern and respond skilfully to trauma-based patterns
    • Trust the healing process to emerge spontaneously out of the field

Find inner sources of strength and resilience so that you may:

    • Design and facilitate healing sessions and courses that open space for powerful transformation
    • Communicate inspirationally, adapting your language to your audience and purpose
    • Support diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Respond skillfully to challenging clients, disruptive group dynamics, and controversial questions

Meet with me privately outside of class:

    • Heal core wounds that separate you from a sense of safety, belonging, and connection
    • Dive deep into your “burning questions,” doubts, fears, and/or real-life challenges
    • Process what comes up for you in our group and in your life
    • Receive feedback, supervision, and support on your professional work

I will be transparent in sharing what I know, and I look forward to learning from you. A Senior Realization Process teacher, RP teacher trainer, and founder of the Advanced RP Teacher Mentoring Program, I earned a PhD at the California Institute of Integral Studies in Integral Philosophy, a spiritual philosophy that emphasizes that consciousness is central to the evolution of the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal domains of our lives. Thank you, Roma Hammel, PhD, Senior Realization Process Teacher, RP Teacher Trainer, and RP Teacher Mentor with additional certification in Trauma Repair, Empathic Ground, and Stillness Moving.

Be unshakeable … Illuminate life with each breath

Be inspirational … Tend to what’s most alive in each moment

Be transformational … Allow your deepest experience of reality to guide and inspire you


Fourteen two-hour sessions in 2023
with 3 private 55-minute sessions $2625
with 6 private 55-minute sessions $3150
with 9 private 55-minute sessions $3675

“Roma is an extraordinary teacher. She is vibrantly alive, wise and a healing presence. She embodies and transmissions the unconditional love and luminosity of fundamental consciousness. She understands the subtleties of how people disconnect from themselves and others and offers a safe space for people to open up their hearts, experience their essence and deeply connect with themselves and the world around them.”

Fiona Ballmer, Nondual Meditation Teacher, Switzerland, Advanced Nondual Mentoring Program

“Every once in a while someone comes into our lives and we are transformed. Roma is that someone for me.  Through her loving and precise guidance, I have developed a deep appreciation of my human qualities. She helped me become more me.”

Kishore Bubna, Executive Coach, Advanced Nondual Mentoring Program

“I can barely begin to explain the alchemy of Roma’s work. Her ability to guide me into a lived, visceral integration of body, mind and heart is a gift I didn’t expect to experience in this lifetime.”

Cynthia Riha, Senior RP Teacher, Executive Coach, Taoism, Advanced Nondual Mentoring Program

I hope that you, like me, are inspired by these excerpts from Judith Blackstone’s book Trauma and the Unbound Body, as she writes about the therapeutic presence, the therapeutic relationship, and the healing process. Please note that I’ve changed the language, to address each reader as an individual.

When you, as a healing presence in this world, experience fundamental consciousness pervading you and your clients, your relationship with others is transformed in several ways:

  • Your own presence is more centered, grounded, and empathic.
  • You can track your internal responses to your clients more clearly.
  • Your perception of your clients is more refined.
  • You are more open to the spontaneous emergence of the healing process.

Your ability to inhabit your own body and to know yourself as fundamental consciousness is of key importance for the healing potential of the therapeutic relationship. When you inhabit your body, you are available to receive a client without either needing to shield yourself or to come forward toward the client in order to feel connection. When you can stay within the core of yourself, connecting from the source of your love and intelligence, your intelligence and love will always be there, as part of the ongoing ground of your being, available for your client to rely upon.

When you are grounded, in the sense of settled to the ground, e.g., by inhabiting your lower body, you cannot be as easily thrown off-base by th