If you seek transformation at the deepest levels of your being, please join this unique and cutting-edge series. Weaving original poetry and evocative, spontaneous zither music with Realization Process meditations, Maja Apolonia Rodé and I invite you to explore actual, tangible experiences of your own existence, your Self, your Being, your Beingness – in a global community.

Learn more… Sundays Jan 31, Feb 28, Mar 28, Feb 25, May 30  12 – 1  pm PT 

Realization Process practices offer liberation from dominant, distorted, or repressed responses to what Enneagram experts describe as our instinctual needs: self-preservation: taking care of practical necessities, social: maintaining interpersonal relationships, and sexual: experiencing the vitality of our life force. In this unique 10-week series, we’ll explore how to realize a balanced, healthy flow of energies essential for embodying our True Nature.

Learn more… Thursdays 10:30 – 12 noon PT Jan 7 – Apr 15

Drawing upon the spiritual maturity of experienced Realization Process meditators, this series offers playful and serious explorations of subtle Taoist practices that align us with the flow of life and its constant transformation, such that we experience our living body rooted in the earth, ceaselessly manifesting.

Learn more… Thursdays 1:30 – 3 pm PT  Sep 10 – Apr 15

A shimmering field pulsates and vibrates throughout the internal field of our body and beyond. Attuning to this luminous transparency, we access the wellspring that sources our authentic experience of being human. Designed for Realization Process meditators who know their own psychological history, this transformational series integrates emotional and relational healing into an emboded spiritual awakening.

Learn more… Thursdays 10:30 – 12 noon PT  Sep 10 – Nov 19

Designed for experienced Realization Process meditators seeking to join a warm-hearted community that nourishes each person’s radical self-transformation, this series explores ways that meditation, storytelling, and movement unwind our hearts, bodies, and minds towards openness, towards embodying our true nature – fundamental consciousness.

Learn more… Mondays 7 – 8:30 pm PT   Sep 7 – Apr 19

Realization Process Teacher Certification

If you seek to teach the Realization Process or to integrate RP into your current professional work, and if you wish to participate in small-group in-person trainings, you are warmly invited to apply to take Part One with me at my home in Los Altos Hills, CA, and Part Two with Judith Blackstone, in Woodstock, NY. The three training programs – Meditation, Embodiment, and Healing Ground – can be taken in any sequence.

Upcoming teacher trainings

If you seek to feel vibrantly alive and at home in your own body, dissolve obstacles to intimacy, and embody the truth of your being – your True Self, please contact me.

  • Sign up for a series of private sessions (1-4 hours/month), or …
  • Sign up for a private retreat. Choose a minnimum of 5 consequtive days for private sessions, so that you have time, resources, guidance during perceptual, cognitive, and somatic transformations catalyzed by plumbing the depths of human consciousness.
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