Personal Guidance & Private Retreats

  • Whether you seek to feel vibrantly alive and at home in your own body, dissolve obstacles to intimacy, or release contracted somatic and energetic patterns, I invite you to enter transformative depths in sacred heart space with me. Please contact me if you seek to live in truth and embody your True Self.
  • $225 for fifty-five minutes – payable in advance.

Couples are also invited for personal sessions:

  • Experience enhanced intimacy.
  • Accelerate spiritual realization.
  • Open to each other without losing inward contact with yourself.
  • Dissolve limits to your contact and communication.
  • Resolve conflicts in the clear, unified space of fundamental consciousness.
  • When intimate partners meet in the field of fundamental consciousness, they know the depth and radiance of true love.
  • $300 for ninety minutes – payable 2 days in advance
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