Welcome to the Embodiment Teacher Certification Training

The Embodiment Aspect of the Realization Process

In-Person with Roma & Judith Spring 2024

This training teaches the main Realization Process practices for embodied nondual awakening, as well as specific embodiment and gentle movement practices for cultivating internal unity, balance, fluidity, presence and subtle energy within the body. As the embodiment of fundamental consciousness, we become both empty and present at the same time. We know ourselves as the integration of awareness, emotion and physical sensation. We perceive, understand, touch, move, and express ourselves with the whole breadth of our being. Participants will learn how to recognize and help people resolve chronic imbalances and tensions in the body that limit their embodiment and realization of fundamental consciousness.

Format: two five-day modules

Part One: in person with Roma Hammel, PhD

Location: Taught in person at my home in Los Altos Hills, CA

Dates: Spring 2024

Limited to 15 participants

Registration for Part One is a commitment to complete both parts of the training.

Part Two
with Judith Blackstone, Taught in person in Woodstock, NY, spring 2024

: You will receive a certificate at the completion of the two five-day modules, authorizing you to use the Realization Process Meditation practices professionally.

Cost: $800 for Part One, and a later payment of $800 for Part Two. ($1600 total cost). Registration for the Woodstock Part Two is limited to 30 people

Registration Process:
To register, email your completed application to me for the training. I will send you an invoice for your $400 deposit after January 1, 2023. $200 will be applied toward each of the two parts of the training. Your deposit is refundable, minus a $50 cancellation fee, if you cancel up to four weeks before part one of the training.

Application: The application will be available after September 1, 2023.

Note: Part One is also offered with Marcia Haarer & Christi Bemister, Taught in person, Ann Arbor, MI, spring 2024. Limited to 15 participants.

Three certificates are offered for those who seek Full Certification in the Realization Process: Meditation, Embodiment, and Healing Ground (spiritual psychotherapy). Each training is offered in two formats: online and in-person.

All of the trainings help to cultivate the ability:

  • To “see-feel” within the body of another person without losing inward contact with oneself
  • To recognize holding patterns that obstruct embodiment, personal maturity, relationships and nondual awakening.
  • To receive another person in the clear space of fundamental consciousness with acceptance and compassion.

Preparation for the Realization Process Teacher Trainings

Requirements: If you are taking your first RP teacher training, you must have at least five hours of prior experience of the Realization Process practices with Judith Blackstone or a senior Realization Process teacher in classes, workshops or private sessions (not a recording or a book). Senior teachers are listed on the Senior Teachers page of this website. If your RP teacher is not listed there, you may write to info@realizationprocess.org to ask if your teacher qualifies to provide you with some or all of the five hours. Additionally, you need to do at least one session with a Realization Process Teacher Trainer or Assistant Teacher Trainer (listed on the Senior Teachers page) to review the two main Realization Process practices: 1) Attunement to Fundamental Consciousness, 2) Core Breath. That teacher should send an email to Judith at info@realizationprocess.org confirming that you have completed your session.

For further information on other offerings, go to www.realizationprocess.org