Realization Process Teacher Certification Trainings

“Roma is the most amazing teacher. She has great skill at holding space, pushing and probing in the most kindest and gentlest of ways that can bring about such dramatic and subtle change simultaneously. Very few have the depth of experience, kindness, inclusiveness and generosity as Roma, whilst remaining true to herself.   It has been a truly wonderful and magical journey. Thank you.”
– Louise Reader, DHP MAPHP (ACC) DIP PT
Embodiment Part One January 2021
“Through her unending compassion, presence, and creativity, Roma creates a uniquely safe and supportive container for deepening and growth. I have particularly enjoyed and benefited from Roma’s dynamic teaching style – her ability to respond to the needs and shifts within the group with incredible sensitivity and grace. The space felt relaxed, and I found that Roma’s personal touches and clear passion for this work went a long way.”
 – Jason von Halle
Embodiment Part One January 2021
“Roma is a profound agent of change. Should you knock on her door, beware! Transformation is inevitable. I am abiding more and more in the ground of my undivided being, in my flesh and bones.  I’ve been met with incredible intimate loving presence and without drama or fuss I keep emerging deeper deeper into my true nature. Magic.”
– Sonia Ogier, Stillness Touch Practitioner, New Zealand
Embodiment Part One January 2021

I will teach Part One of the Healing Ground to ten people
at my home in Los Altos Hills, CA, in the spring of 2022.
Please let me know if you are interested in applying, and
I’ll let you know what the dates are – and when the application is available.

Three Realization Process trainings are offered Meditation, Embodiment, and Healing Ground. Each training is offered in two formats: online and in-person. If all three programs are completed, full certification is awarded. The programs can be taken in any sequence.

The teacher certification trainings are for people who intend to teach the Realization Process or to integrate it into their current professional work. Exceptions may be made for long-time RP students and people who have taken previous RP certification trainings. It is recommended that you experience the Realization Process practices in  class or workshop with Judith Blackstone or a certified Realization Process teacher before registering for the training.

All of the trainings help to cultivate the ability:

  • To “see-feel” within the body of another person without losing inward contact with oneself.
  • To recognize holding patterns that obstruct embodiment, personal maturity, relationships and nondual awakening.
  • To receive another person in the clear space of fundamental consciousness with acceptance and compassion.