One Heart Breathing

Sunday October 25
Noon – 1 pm Pacific
Online via Zoom

You are warmly invited to join us for the second session of this unique and cutting edge series. In this session we will explore the embodied experience of One Heart Breathing — a clear and palpable experience of our essential nature unmediated by concept.

Join us for this somatic, sensing inquiry:

  • Sense how cultivating an internal attitude of tenderness and spaciousness and making deep contact with the internal space of our body connects us to the real source of our power, presence, and creativity.
  • Sense how embodying shimmering facets of the Essence One Heart Breathing transforms the space inside your body.
  • Sense the field of One Heart Breathing that permeates all of us.
  • Sense that you can speak, listen, and act in this field without disconnecting from your own thoughts, sensations, and feelings.
  • Sense how imperative it is for Being to speak, for Being to be free.

The Embodying Our Essence series offers transformation at the deepest levels of our being. As each facet of Essence reflects all the others, we pierce through the logical domains of our mind and open into other ways of sensing, perceiving, and knowing that nable us to live on an Earth where all humans flourish. Experience how embodying even just this one facet of Essence — Quiet Heart Breathing — offers healing and harmonization for ourselves, each other, and our Earth.

Fee for one session of the series: $40

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