Realization Process

“Enlightenment is a lasting transformation of our being,
involving our ongoing experience of life.”
– Judith Blackstone, Realization Process founder

The Realization Process offers a direct path for those seeking to realize an embodied spiritual awakening. These experiential practices, free of doctrine or ideology, integrate spiritual awakening with relational healing and embodiment.

As we make deep contact with the internal space of our body, we connect with our essential nature. We realize our authentic self as vast, clear, unbounded space. The more fully we open to the absolute stillness of this fundamental consciousness, the more freely the movement of life takes place.

Nondual realization is an actual transformation of our being, not just a change in our beliefs. It’s not that we know nonduality. It is that we are nonduality. The fundamental ground of our being has never been injured. Chronic fragmentations within our own being and between oneself and one’s environment can be healed by realizing fundamental consciousness. We can experience oneness with other people without being entangled with them, and without losing inward contact with ourselves.

Even after we have stabilized in nondual reality, we can continue to become increasingly open to the unity and transparency of our body and environment. It is fairly easy to realize fundamental consciousness, but the deepening of our realization is a life’s work. We can find within our body an innate, ever-present source of equanimity and happiness.

With deep gratitude to Judith Blackstone, founder of the Realization Process, along with my dear colleagues and friends Jon Hansen, Marcia Haarer, and Christi Bemister, I want to affirm that even in the midst of the global pandemic and economic uncertainties, this is the most important work that we can do:

  • Realizing the undivided, fundamental consciousness that is our innermost nature
  • Feeling more alive, more at home in our own skin, and more connected to ourself and to other people, and 
  • Knowing ourself as the embodiment of nondual presence and openness

We teach the path that we ourselves have been traveling. This is our life’s work, and we’re thrilled to share this journey with you.

You are invited to learn more about the Realization Process through Judith’s words (excerpted from her books) and through the experiences of those who’ve studied with me by clicking on any of the links below.

Awaken to Your True Nature

“The body is our instrument of realization.
Enlightenment occurs in and through the body.”
– Judith Blackstone

As we attune to the inner space of our body, we awaken into a wondrous aliveness – a felt-sense of our own existence. We do not have to create or imagine this experience. The felt-sense of our own existence is not something separate from ourselves. We do not know it as an object. Rather, we’re directly experiencing an aliveness that feels like our true self.

The felt-sense of awakening into our essential nature:

  • As we make deep contact with our self, we become present through the internal depth of our body.
  • We have an experience of “being” – of our actual existence, rather than an abstract idea of it.
  • We experience a sense of self-possession, a sense of there being someone “at home.”
  • We have an internal sense of volume, of taking up space.

In the Realization Process, we call this aliveness Presence – or Self – or Being. We can sense this quality in ourselves, in others, and in the environment. As our contact with the whole internal space of our body deepens, we open into a vast, luminous stillness, a fundamental consciousness, permeating our body – and the environment.

Human, mortal, imperfect. Vibrantly alive. Receptive. We feel transparent, timeless, and changeless. We feel completely permeable. Like an empty vessel. Each moment unfolds exactly as it does. Stillness is not a “holding still.” It’s a complete receptivity to the flow of life – a yielding – an allowing – an “isness.” This is Emptiness.

Christine, a retired HR executive and a veteran meditator, describes her experiences:

I was stunned to actually experience the meditation in my whole body – a sense of vibration and presence – faint at first but as time went on, it stabilized and deepened and created an awareness not just in my body but a spaciousness that included not just me but everything around me, all the people around me. Eventually as time went on, it – that presence – eventually stabilized to the point that I changed my meditation practice. I used to meditate twice a day. Now I feel into that presence continuously – all day long .. there it is. So rather than meditate on a cushion, I meditate all the time and it’s glorious.

Heal from the Core

“Our fundamental dimension of consciousness,
the core of our being, has never been injured.”
– Judith Blackstone

Painful memories and emot