Realization Process and Enneagram Instincts

Realization Process practices can liberate us from being governed by dominant, distorted, or repressed self-preservation, social, and sexual instinctual energies, We invite you to join us in exploring how to cultivate a balanced, healthy flow of life energies essential for:

  • feeling substantive, secure, and vibrantly alive
  • connecting in authentic, mutually-nourishing relationships
  • embodying the radiant transparency of our authentic nature

Joining me is my dear friend, Cynthia Riha, an executive coach and management consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cynthia’s work with the Enneagram Prison Project has given her a deep conceptual, somatic, and perceptual understanding of Enneagram types and instincts. Her decades of meditation practice and her years of Realization Process studies have underlined the significance of subtle, nondual embodiment practices in freeing ourselves “from the prisons of our own making.”

Dissolving Obstacles to Intimacy

At the heart of relationships are instinctual longings for safety, belonging, and deep connection. When healthy, our instincts act as trustworthy signals in this present moment. However, past painful memories can trigger distorted, over-sensitized, or repressed instincts, diminishing our capacity for intimacy. Join this experiential workshop to explore how Realization Process practices restore capacities essential for authentic relationship. We can realize what truly nourishes us, disentangle from unskillful patterns, and respond skillfully to our own and others’ human needs. Attuning to fundamental consciousness resources us. Grounded and centered, we can let go of the past and heal emotionally. With patience and practice, we can discern the relational goodness that’s realistically available to us. Designed for all who seek to be receptive to love. Facilitated by Roma Hammel with Cynthia Riha.