RP Global Sundays:
Embodying Our Essence

Enter Transformative Depths in Sacred Heart Space
With Roma Hammel & Maja Apolonia Rodé

RP Global Sunday
May 30

Noon – 1 pm PT
Online via Zoom
If you seek transformation at the deepest levels of your being, please join this unique and cutting-edge series. Weaving Maja‘s original poetry and evocative, spontaneous zither music with Realization Process meditations, we welcome you into an actual, tangible experience of your own existence, your Self, your Being, your Beingness.
  • Enter Sacred Heart Space. Cultivate an internal attitude of spacious tenderness that nourishes your unfolding. Tender breath, tender attention – allow the vulnerable parts of yourself to be touched, heard, and understood.
  • Trust the process. Meet allies and guides who offer support through perceptual, cognitive, and somatic healing processes. We teach the path we ourselves have been traveling.
  • Let go of thinking. Practice breathing techniques to relax your belly, reassure your heart, calm your nervous system, and quiet your mind. Sense how imperative it is for Being to speak, for Being to be free.
  • Connect with the real source of your Power, Presence, and Creativity. Inhabit your body, open subtle energy centers, refine your perceptions, integrate awareness, emotion, and physical sensation, and relate core-to-core in Fundamental Consciousness.
  • Embody Essence in a global community. Experience resonant connection and the field of consciousness pervading us as a unity.

Embodying our spiritual essence is healing and harmonizing for us, others, and this Earth. Discover for yourself how even glimpsing each brilliant facet of Essence deepens you as it awakens our primordial interconnectedness. Embodying our essence, we experience a humbling imperative to live in right relationship with ourselves, each other, and our Earth. Join us as we plumb the depths of human consciousness, exploring how meditation, poetry, and music open doorways to our True Nature.

Hello, I’m Maja Apolonia Rodé, PhD, Inner Wisdom Alchemist. It’s a deep honor and delight to co-create this series with Roma, and I look forward to the inspirations and insights that emerge when you join our gathering of Presence! I offer unique, heartfelt, intuitive one-on-one sessions that help you access hidden inner wisdom and unfold your life purpose. For an introductory private meeting, contact me here.

Hi, I’m Roma Hammel, a nondual embodiment wisdom teacher. Creating this Sunday series with Maja has truly been synergistic! Similar to Indra’s net of jewels, in which each jewel is also reflecting all the others, embodying each facet of Essence offers healing and harmonization for each of us, each other, and our Earth! I look forward to connecting with you.

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May 30   Creative Beauty Dancing

1 session for $40 or the whole series for $197

  • This last upcoming live session
  • Audio downloads of each previous session
  • Access to video replays of all nine sessions
  • Access to the online course area, where you can watch the video replays any time and share written insights and reflections with other participants
  • Access to unedited “behind-the-scenes” videos each month – Roma and Maja’s candid reflections after each session
  • You can purchase a 60-minute private Inner Wisdom Alchemy session with Maja at the discounted rate of $140
  • You can also purchase Maja’s magical Divine Dice Oracle for $20  – includes shipping within the US
Over the past year, Roma has been instrumental in my own journey of healing and transformation.
Her embodiment meditations, community, and wise guidance have helped me cultivate
an inner foundation of embodied presence and self-love —
which I see now as absolutely necessary for the next step of my creative service to the whole.
– Maja Apolonia Rodé, Inner Wisdom Alchemist