Realization Process For Everyone

Nondual realization is an actual transformation of our being, not just a change in our beliefs. It’s not that we know nonduality. It is that we are nonduality. When we realize the undivided, fundamental consciousness that is our innermost nature, we feel more alive, more at home in our own skin, and more connected to ourself and others. It gives me great joy to share Realization Process the way I’ve lived it, and the way it lives through me – 10,000 hours teaching RP and over 25,000 hours practicing Qigong.

Four Thursdays
May 6, 13, 20, 27
4 – 5:30 pm Pacific time
plus 1 private appointment

RP for Everyone

This is a special spring-time offer – limited to 14 participants who are curious about this gentle, precise approach to embodying nonduality:

  • Make deep contact with the internal space of your body
  • Access the subtle vertical core of the body and the subtle circuitry
  • Integrate awareness, emotion, and sensation

Am I doing this right? Is “this” the center of my head? Am I connecting with fundamental consciousness? Why is there so much sensation with the intensity of energy?

Designed for meditators who want to focus on the main Realization Process practices for embodying nonduality, and are open, curious, sensitive, and want personalized feedback, in front of the group.  Experienced as a subtle, luminous, empty stillness pervading our whole body and our environment, the fundamental ground of our being has never been injured.  We can realize our wholeness, and our oneness with others.

This series includes 1 private session.
Fee: $340