Realization Process Offerings
with Cynthia Riha

Discovering our True Nature: An Introduction to the Realization Process

Mondays Feb. 28 – Apr. 18 2022 7:00 – 8:15 PM Pacific

Join a small group learning these gentle exercises for finding our way back to the wisdom of the body and the deep knowing of who we truly are. Using guided meditations developed by Judith Blackstone, we find our natural ease, our inherent vibrancy and a deep integration of heart, mind and body.   LEARN MORE…

Embodying Your Spiritual Journey with the Realization Process

Tuesdays  Mar. 1 – Apr. 19 2022  4:30 – 6:00 PM Pacific

Whether you have just started a journey to awakening, have been on the path for some time, or are integrating what has already opened, this group will create a space to examine what is alive for you at this time and how to integrate the exercises of the Realization Process to deepen your unfolding.    LEARN MORE…

Cynthia offers guidance, support and direction to clients seeking to live life as their full and joyful selves. She has been meditating and practicing for over 20 years, combining that work with a successful career in executive management. She finds it deeply meaningful to help others navigate contact with the simple, joyful ordinariness of being alive while staying actively engaged in life. As a coach and spiritual mentor, Cynthia offers one-to-one sessions, group Realization Process classes and focused workshops. She is a fully certified Realization Process teacher.