Ways to Engage

May these offerings – and our time together –
unveil the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world –
the gift of your true presence.

Healing in Community Series

Designed for both beginning and advanced Realization Process meditators who know their psychological history, Healing in Community series focus on relevant practices for integrating emotional and relational healing into an embodied spiritual awakening. Upcoming events

Unity in Community Series

Drawing upon the spiritual maturity of experienced Realization Process meditators, Unity in Community sessions offer playful and serious explorations of subtle Taoist practices that align us with the flow of life and its constant transformation. Upcoming events

Beyond the Veils Series

Designed for experienced Realization Process meditators seeking to form a community that nourishes radical self-transformation, Beyond the Veils series focus on opening into a depth of resonance that heals subtle fragmentations in our hearts, bodies and minds. Upcoming events



Open to both beginning and experienced Realization Process meditators, these offerings invite you to feel vibrantly alive and at home in your own body, dissolve obstacles to intimacy, and delight in the simple, yet profound joys of being in nature. Upcoming events

Realization Process Teacher Certification

Offered to those who seek in-person Realization Process Teacher Certification Training. Meditation, Embodiment, and Healing Ground Part One with Roma Hammel, in Los Altos Hills, CA. Part Two with Judith Blackstone, in Woodstock, NY. Upcoming events

Intensive Personal Study

Designed for those seeking transformative growth through intensive personal inquiry sessions. Learn more