Esalen – Realization Process and Liquid Music:
Awaken through Subtle Energies of Love

Come join Christopher and me at Esalen in 2020 (TBA)

Experience the wide-awake aliveness of the dramatic Big Sur coast. Unwind in Esalen’s natural mineral hot springs. Listen to the crashing Pacific Ocean waves. Sit on the rocky cliffs at the water’s edge. Let the early morning fog whisper to your face. Everywhere you wander, your senses will be rejuvenated.

“Subtle energies of love can deepen pleasure, mental clarity, subtle perception, and contact with other people,” say Roma Hammel and Christopher Smith. Join a master embodiment teacher and a gifted pianist to explore a luminous unified field that nourishes an authentic, quality-rich experience of each individual. Roma’s meditations and her gentle presence can awaken you to the clear light of your true nature. Christopher’s liquid music can liberate stuck energies into a sea of sensations, ebbing, flowing, a swelling of feeling and awareness.

This workshop blends spontaneous music into Realization Process practices: seated and walking nondual meditations, nonverbal relational exercises, intuitive movement, gentle touch, and dialogue. As you release limiting somatic patterns and dissolve barriers to greater intimacy, you become more wholly human. As you see, hear, feel and touch on a more subtle level, you experience your own and others’ spiritual essence. Reclaim your birthright to a joyous, creative, sensual and liberated life.

During our weekend together, you’ll have lots of time to explore Esalen’s spectacular beauty and immerse yourself in Esalen’s powerful healing energy. Stroll through colorful rows of vegetables, herbs and flowers. Linger on the deck as you eat delicious meals. Watch the coastal mountains cast twilight shadows. Let your imagination soar midst innumerable stars lighting up the night.

“I was first aware of being held in kindness, love and awareness – through Roma’s guidance, her voice, her pace, her emphasis. …And the music! With Chris’s spontaneously created music, there are extraordinary movements of emotional – and I’ll say even spiritual – power.”

Jim Mulvaney – grief counselor, trainer, composer

Christopher’s Spontaneous Music

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