Healing In Community

For those who seek to awaken into a rich and vivid sense of living –
and a substantive and secure sense of your own being –
Powerful practices for liberating body, mind, and spirit

Embodying Your Innermost Self – Fall 2020

Online via Zoom

Ten Thursdays
10:30 am – 12 noon Pacific Time
September 10, 17, 24, October 8, 15, 22, 29, Nov 5, 12, 19, 2020 (dates tentative)
plus 3 private one-hour sessions

A shimmering field pulsates and vibrates throughout the internal field of our body and beyond. Attuning to this luminous transparency, we access the  wellspring that sources our unique, authentic experience of being human. Sustained, deep contact with Fundamental Consciousness deepens and refines all of our human capacities for feeling vibrantly alive, substantive and secure, and emotionally responsive to the world around us. Designed for Realization Process meditators who know their own psychological history, this transformational series integrates emotional and relational healing into an embofied spiritual awakening. Join our warm-hearted community:

  • Cultivate wholeness, internal depth, subtlety, luminosity, and steadiness
  • Cultivate your unique richly-textured qualitative experience of being human
  • Release limiting somatic patterns
  • Refine and integrate the breath and energy systems
  • Refine and unify the senses
  • Cultivate authentic speaking and listening

Please commit to showing up, speaking your truth, listening with curiosity, and honoring confientiality (so that each of us can be open, let go of fear of judgment, and allow our self to be seen and heard in our humanness.) After all, what we say in one moment as “truth” might be completely different in the next.

Sessions will also include small-group discussions plus opportunities for personal questions and dialogue with the whole group. Participants will get a recording of each session. Participation is limited so that our small group can ‘dive deeply.’ Apply only if you can commit to attending 8/10 sessions live.

All-inclusive fee: $930

To schedule your THREE (included) private appointments with me, please click here.

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Living in Presence – January 2021

Online via Zoom

Three Thursdays
January 7, 14, 21, 2021

10:30 am – 12 noon Pacific time
plus one private 60-minute appointment

Alive and responsive to our environment, we experience a sheer transparency pervading us, as if we are of the same luminous essence as everything in nature. We sense this Presence – or Self – or Being in ourselves and in others.

This short series focuses on practical, precise practices for Living in Presence:

  • Deepen contact with the internal space of our bodies
  • Realize that we are of the same luminous essence as everything in nature
  • Release limiting somatic and energetic patterns
  • Disentangle from challenging thoughts, sensations, or emotions
  • Feel substantive and secure, alive and responsive

One private appointment with each participant, in addition to dialogue and discussion in our small group, ensures opportunities for personal inquiries related to Living in Presence.

Apply only if you can commit to attending all three small-group online sessions live.

All-inclusive Fee: $300

To schedule your ONE (included) private appointment with me, please click here mid-fall 2020.

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Experiencing Delight – Spring 2021

Online via Zoom

Eight Thursdays
10:30 am – 12 noon Pacific time
Feb 4, 25, Mar 4, 11, Apr 1, 8, 15, 22, 2021 (dates tentative)
plus two private appointments

Delight arises spontaneously when we feel joyously alive and responsive to the pleasures in our environment. The felt-sense of delight is akin to gladness, which lightens our hearts. This series focuses on gentle, precise practices for Experiencing Delight:

  • Attune to the luminous unified field of consciousness
  • Unveil the vibrancy and sensuality of your true nature
  • Integrate awareness, emotion, and physical sensation
  • See the energy in our environment as movement, radiance and color, hear energy as a subtle buzzing sound, and touch it as vibration and liveliness
  • Deepen your capacity to love, express yourself, and experience delight

One woman talks about the delight as she crunches her morning cereal. Another says that she’s blooming delightfully, now that she’s inhabiting her body. Others describe delight in the warmth and tenderness of authentic connection. Delight in sparkling eyes, fluttering butterflies, and childlike silliness nourishes our well-being.

Two private appointments with each participant, in addition to dialogue and discussion in our small group ensure opportunities for personal inquiries related to releasing limiting somatc patterns and deepening into your direct experience of Delight.

Apply only if you can commit to attending 7/8 sessions live.

All-inclusive fee: $690

To schedule your two (included) private appointments with me, please click here mid-fall 2020.

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April-May Series 2020 – Unfolding Grace  – CLOSED

7 online sessions via Zoom

Thursdays Apr 16, 23, 30, May 7, 14, 21, 28, 2020
10:30 am – 12 noon Pacific time

Unsettled times call us to meditate … to nourish a felt-sense of wholeness midst uncertainty …  to deepen our connection to ourselves and to each other midst challenging circumstances.

Grace unveils the luminous, buoyant, unbounded dimensions of consciousness that are our true nature. Profound yet practical Realization Process meditations connect us with our essential self.

In this 7-week series, we’ll focus on:
  • grounding and centering
  • healing subtle fragmentations in our hearts, bodies, and minds
  • connecting core-to-core in fundamental consciousness
  • allowing the movement of life to flow freely

FEE: For those who’ve studied intensively with me, this series is FREE. Additional private sessions are discounted from $180 to $160/hour during April and May. 

FEE: For those who haven’t studied previously with me, I ask you to schedule two private sessions with me, during April-May, for the discounted fee of $160/hour each. So for you too, the series is FREE. It means so much to connect with each individual personally, so that we can address private issues and/or deepen in the Realization Process, as I’ll offer personal, precise guidance that nourishes your awakening and embodying your spiritual essence.

To schedule appointments, please click here.

Luminous Paths to the Healing Ground – FULL

6 online small-group sessions via Zoom
2 private one-hour sessions

Thursdays June 25, July 2, 9 16, 23, 30
10:30 am – 12 noon Pacific time
Includes 2 private one-hour sessions

Do you sense the vibrational nature of reality? Light? Color? Sound? Energy? Emotions? Tones? Although you may have suffered because of overwhelming sensory, energetic, or emotional experiences, these sensitivities illume paths to the Healing Ground of Fundamental Consciousness.  This six-week summer series focuses on advanced Realization Process practices for highly-sensitive people who seek to awaken and embody subtle perception, emotional responsiveness, and mental clarity.

We live in a sensory-rich world, alive with vivid and subtle sights, sounds, fragrances, tastes, and textures. We may sense light, color, sound, energy, emotions, or tones emanating from people, animals, and plants. We may sense deep emotion or be capable of complex, abstract thought. As we attain a felt-sense of depth and wholeness through deep contact with the internal space of our bodies, we can integrate the gifts of profound empathy, visionary insight, and extraordinary creativity into our lives.

You may wish to read/re-read Judith Blackstone’s book: Belonging Here: A Guide for the Spiritually Sensitive Person.

]All-inclusive fee: $590 (includes 2 private appointments plus 6 group sessions)
Reduced fee as needed, during these uncertain times: $365 (includes 2 private appointments and 1 group session plus 5 free group sessions)