Personal Guidance

Intensive Personal Study 

Private sessions
Onoine via Zoom or Los Altos Hills, CA

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Let yourself be nourished by being received in the rich pervasive space of fundamental consciousness.
  • Deepen your meditation. Attune to and stabilize nondual awakening. Experience inner peace.
  • Awaken fundamental consciousness within the whole body. Live in the stillness of this subtle dimension.
  • Experience your wholeness – your essential self. Your essential self has never been injured.
  • Heal emotionally. Release bound emotional pain and experience increased self-compassion and empathy.
  • Relate authentically. Experience total freedom and total oneness in your relationships.

Couples are also invited for personal sessions:

  • Experience enhanced intimacy.
  • Open to each other without losing inward contact with yourself.
  • Dissolve limits to your contact and communication.
  • Resolve conflicts in the clear, unified space of fundamental consciousness.
  • Accelerate spiritual realization.
  • When intimate partners meet in the field of fundamental consciousness, they know the depth and radiance of true love.

Fee: $180/hour – with a two-day cancellation notice.

Private Retreat – Intensive Personal Study

June 29 – July 29, 2020
Five hour-long private sessions
Five consecutive days

Online via Zoom or Los Altos Hills, CA

Whether you seek to feel vibrantly alive and at home in your own body, dissolve obstacles to intimacy, or release contracted somatic and energetic patterns, you can catalyze transformative spiritual growth during a private Realization Process retreat with me. Choose any 5 consecutive days between June 29 and July 29, 2020. Add additional days or longer daily appointments, as you wish. Couples seeking to experience enhanced intimacy, accelerate spiritual realization, and explore the depth and radiance of true love are also welcome.

Fee $800
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