Why meditate?

So that your life is filled with more than stress, busy-ness, anxiety, or overwhelm. So that you realize the preciousness of your human birth …

 Experience that all really is stillness … the turquoise-blue waves of the Caribbean slowly sliding onto the coral reefs … the huge brown pelicans flying seamlessly in a V-formation through grey clouds … a small white motorboat chugging just in front of the seabreak. All is stillness on our family vacation … and all is in constant motion. Two small children exploring tide pools, a toddler playing with her toes in her auntie’s lap. Dinner appears – grilled shrimp, guacamole, rice, beans, salsa, vegetables, tortillas… Water runs from the outside faucet, washing beach sand from little feet… ahhh… key lime pie for dessert… This moment is stillness unfolding.

• Know yourself intimately … feeling your own heart beating in your chest, expanding your pelvis, pulsing in your neck, vibrating in your toes. Receiving the gift of each breath entering through your nostrils, experiencing whether it’s long or slow, deep or shallow, forced or effortless. Sensing your heart nurtured by your breath, your belly softening, your cells coursing in aliveness. Your whole body is being breathed.

• Cultivate the capacity to be present to life … just as it is, even with busy schedules, health challenges and life’s struggles. Experience life directly – both joys and sorrows. Be nourished by the soft tender touch of a caress, delighted by the unexpected sight of the moon, and filled with gratitude for the miracle of your own precious birth. What a blessed gift it is to live in the present moment! Just this … just this …

Since I started meditating daily, my children and my father say I’m calmer and less stressed. In meditating, you attend to sensations, emotions, and awareness in your body. As you connect deeply with your Self, your perceptions shift. As your grip on reality loosens, you open to the radical aliveness of this present moment.

You’re warmly invited to come meditate with me – to experience a vastness of being, a radiance of aliveness – not just on vacation or on a meditation cushion – but also in your daily life. When I am asked why I meditate, my immediate response is because this is possible … this healing, nourishing experience of transparent unbounded space, this luminous stillness in which there is wholeness, no separation between you and me, no division between inside and out. What a joy to feel so completely connected and so completely free!

One meditator’s experiences: “How life transformative our last session was for me. Feeling the tenderness in my own body for the first time was life changing. My life, previous to this, was an on-going search for warmth and tenderness outside of myself. An aching need for these apparent deficits of experience, feeling to be satisfied, fulfilled. Wow! How fantastic to have it within me…. I feel an expansion and freedom.”